Can You Find Every Hidden Object in the Brain Chase Teaser?



At Brain Chase, we like to play games because they are engaging and educational at the same time.  We’ve mentioned our love for Candy Land, but that isn’t the only game that we play around here. We are big fans of detective games like Clue as well.

If you haven’t played Clue in a while, let me remind you of the gameplay. Everyone begins with a random set of cards covering various rooms, weapons, or people. You record these on your detective’s notebook and use them to help identify the real killer, the weapon he used, and the room where the murder took place. The winner is the person that can track the clues and identify the villain.

Brain Chase is a bit like Clue. To win the game and find the treasure, you will need to pay close attention to what’s going on and do the following:

Follow the Clues – The secret to cracking the location of the Globe of Magellan is to find and decode the clues that are hidden within each animated Mae Merriweather webisode. But the clues are not easy to find. You’ll have to watch (and listen) carefully, and you may have to pause the clips to catch everything. Want to practice? See if you can find the clue list hidden in the Season One Teaser:

Did you see it? If not, look back at 0:28. See it now? It’s a list of different objects that are hidden in the teaser. Go back and watch it again and see if you can find everything.

Complete the Weekly Challenges – Most, but not all (hint!) of the important clues are hidden in the animated webisodes. But to unlock the clues, you will have to complete the academic assignments each week. During the Challenge, participants who complete their learning tasks will unlock a total of 12 webisodes. They tell the story of Mae Merriweather and her team from the Grayson Academy of Antiquities. Once the webisodes have been unlocked, you can watch them as frequently as you like.

Check for Hints – Treasure hunts aren’t supposed to be easy, but we also don’t want you to be discouraged. To help you discover the clues in the webisodes, we will be posting tips and suggestions on the Brain Chase Facebook page. This will help you know what to watch for each week.

The beauty of Brain Chase is that it is a learning treasure hunt. That means that even if you don’t find the Globe of Magellan, you will still find some math, reading, and writing treasures along the way.

Happy Searching!