Fun Find Friday

Armchair Art #Funfindfriday

There’s nothing quite like gathering up the family and spending a rainy Saturday wandering the halls of a favorite museum. You may not recall your very first visit to a museum, but most adults can still remember a distinct impression made by a visit during their childhood, whether it was the excitement of a scientific […]

Can You Dig It? #Funfindfriday

Until Max and Mae Merriweather hit the scene, Harrison Ford’s depiction of heart-throb archaeologist Indiana Jones was pretty much the coolest (or only) archaeologist in pop culture. I think it’s worth mentioning, though, that Archaeology is so much more than a costumed celebrity. Yes, the inquisitive heroes of history may wear a khaki top now […]

Brain Foolery #FunFindFriday

As a dedicated prankster in my youth, I made sure to plan my April Fools’ pranks weeks in advance. Setting my siblings’ alarms for 3:30 AM? Totally. Flour in the hairdryer? Old hat. Wearing…clothing backwards? Yep, I was that kid. Eventually, I grew out of the dime-store pranks and settled into online trickery for my […]