Bonus Challenges

All about Sundials

Get ready to time travel. Our next bonus challenge is taking to you waaaaaay back in time…like, 3500 years back. Students should have received their third adventure tool in the mail this week – a sundial. SUNDIAL HISTORY 101 For those of us who tend to run perpetually late in life, a time without clocks […]

Fun with Money

  This week, you’re going to make a little money for your Brain Chase efforts. We’re sending you coins – real-life, actual coins. Basically, we’re paying you to have fun!     WHY ARE YOU SENDING US MONEY?  You’re going to need your coins, so don’t spend them or lose them! Our bonus challenge this week […]

How tall IS that?!

Heights seem to capture our imagination. Thanks to this week’s Bonus Challenge, the next time your student asks, “How tall IS that?!” you will be able to whip out a clinometer and respond, “Let’s find out!” “Clinometer.” Fancy Nancy would use this word to refer to the protractor measuring thing your kids are going to […]

It Glows! But How?

Excited child drags mom by the hand into a bathroom. The bathroom door slams shut and child reaches up to turn off the bathroom lights.     “It glows in the dark! It glows!” We’ve all experienced this scene, both as a child and then again as a parent. Puzzles, shirts, shoes, pens, fingernail polish, […]

Why Classical Music?

Mozart. Beethoven. Bach. Their music is timeless, and we’ve all heard it. But how good are you, really, at identifying famous classical compositions?     Why Classical Music? At Brain Chase, we’re all about expanding your child’s educational experience. Unfortunately, these days, your child does not get much exposure to classical music. So, we’ve decided make […]