Adventure Learning

It’s Digital Learning Day (seriously).

We know. You’ve been counting down the days until you could celebrate February 23 with us.  It’s finally here! Digital Learning Day. DOES DIGITAL LEARNING DAY REALLY EXIST?  It does! It was started about 5 years ago to celebrate the use of digital technology in learning and highlight innovative and forward-thinking use of technology for learning in […]

Service. The Best Teacher.

‘Tis the season for sharing and caring. Opportunities to donate presents, work in soup kitchens, and sing at nursing homes are abundant.  But, did you know teaching your kids to incorporate service as a year-round, regular part of their lives has many practical benefits? HOW WILL MY CHILD BENEFIT BY VOLUNTEERING?  We are all tight […]

Celebrate a No-stuff Christmas

Do your kids really need more stuff this Christmas?   Once again, the Holiday season is upon us. Chances are, you’re contemplating the perfect gift for your loved ones and trying to decide if the 4-gift rule is really something that works for your family. Every year we attempt to make our kids’ dream of having the […]

How tall IS that?!

Heights seem to capture our imagination. Thanks to this week’s Bonus Challenge, the next time your student asks, “How tall IS that?!” you will be able to whip out a clinometer and respond, “Let’s find out!” “Clinometer.” Fancy Nancy would use this word to refer to the protractor measuring thing your kids are going to […]

It Glows! But How?

Excited child drags mom by the hand into a bathroom. The bathroom door slams shut and child reaches up to turn off the bathroom lights.     “It glows in the dark! It glows!” We’ve all experienced this scene, both as a child and then again as a parent. Puzzles, shirts, shoes, pens, fingernail polish, […]