10 Reasons to Enroll Your Student in Brain Chase

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Summer break is just around the corner, and Brain Chase is the perfect tool to round out your summer plans and help your kids get ahead academically. Here are 10 reasons you won’t want to miss the adventure this summer:


  1. Brain Chase boosts brainpower. Researchers have empirical evidence that kids lose an average of 2 months of math and reading skills during the summer break. 94% of Brain Chase parents agree that Brain Chase helps their kids stay sharp during out-of-school time. See what it can do for your kids while school is out.
  2. It ends mindless “screen time.” With Brain Chase electives like Cooking, Engineering, Art, Entrepreneurship, Service, Chores, Paleontology, and others, your kids will be logged off and learning with hand-on projects all summer long. And if they choose the online electives like Coding, Foreign Languages, Typing, and others, you can be sure that their time on a computer will be academically enriching and empowering.
  3. It brings the family together. Just ask any Brain Chase parent – the time spent finding clues, solving puzzles, and scouring the earth for the hidden treasure is a wonderful adventure for the entire family.
  4. You’ll be part of a global community. Brain Chase is the biggest summer camp on the planet! Participants become official members of the Grayson Academy of Antiquities, an army of thousands of K-12 treasure-hunters around the world in a global race for the mysterious treasure.
  5. Kids become part of the story. By joining the Academy, students work in tandem with Mae Merriweather, Sean Drake, and others to track arhaeological finds in order to solve the mysterious disappearance of famed adventurer Tate Grayson. Your kids will love the stories and films they unlock as they complete their work.
  6. The Adventure Tools are awesome. Metal decoder rings! Brass compasses! Bronze sundials! Different packages will be shipped to your home directly from Mae and the Grayson Academy team. These tools will not only help Mae Merriweather along the way, but they might be instrumental in locating the hidden treasure.
  7. Your kids will discover new passions. With 20 different electives to choose from, your kids are bound to discover something new. Ashton from Portland discovered a love of learning new languages through the Rosetta Stone elective. As part of Liam’s Brain Chase Service Challenge, he founded Liam’s Lunches of Love, a non-profit that’s making a huge impact on the Boston area. What passions will Brain Chase ignite in your children?
  8. It’s completely affordable. An engaging, versatile summer camp for $20/day? Yes, please! The pricing options let you tailor your experience to meet the needs of your family.
  9. You have nothing to lose. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – so if you’re not loving the program, just send us a note for a full refund.
  10. Oh yea, the treasure. The first student to solve the riddle and drop the winning pin on the map will win $5,000.00 USD worth of gold. Meet some of our winners here.


We’d love to have you join us on our next adventure! Click here for FAQs or email us at with any questions.