Academic Performance

10 ways that online learning can help our overscheduled kids this fall

  Fall is a busy time. In our home, we actually hired an extra driver last week just to help us hit all of the soccer practices, back to school nights, piano lessons, gymnastics info sessions, and scouting events on the calendar. And don’t even get me started on the new deluge of homework. With […]

Benefits of a Well-rounded Education

Sure, your student shows great talent in the arts. Yes, your child is a mathematical wizard. But don’t allow them to stay in their comfort zone. Of course it’s important to foster your child’s natural abilities. But your child will thrive much more in life if they are exposed to a wide variety of academic […]

It’s Digital Learning Day (seriously).

We know. You’ve been counting down the days until you could celebrate February 23 with us.  It’s finally here! Digital Learning Day. DOES DIGITAL LEARNING DAY REALLY EXIST?  It does! It was started about 5 years ago to celebrate the use of digital technology in learning and highlight innovative and forward-thinking use of technology for learning in […]