Academic Performance

Why Classical Music?

Mozart. Beethoven. Bach. Their music is timeless, and we’ve all heard it. But how good are you, really, at identifying famous classical compositions?     Why Classical Music? At Brain Chase, we’re all about expanding your child’s educational experience. Unfortunately, these days, your child does not get much exposure to classical music. So, we’ve decided make […]

Summer Learning Loss. Don’t Let it Happen to Your Child.

Summer means a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the school-year schedule. Unfortunately, however, that break can turn into a summer of sitting around, watching TV, and playing video games. Brain Chase is here to help! Here’s what Lindsey Johnston, teacher and blogger at Crumbs in the Couch  has to say about our program:   The summer slide […]

Should My Child Learn a Second Language?

How Does Learning A Second Language Benefit Your Child’s Brain Development? By: Anabela Barros, Guest Blogger Learning a foreign language offers important benefits for your child’s brain development. It helps improve concentration, memory, intelligence and lowers their risk of being diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life.  A language is quite complex, and a […]

Electives, Electives and more Electives!

Really expand your child’s education with our broad selection of electives. We are excited to offer several new electives, along with our already-existing electives. Our complete list of electives includes: Google Books Reading Challenge Brain Chase Book Club Creative Writing Challenge with Credentialed Teachers Khan Academy Math Challenge Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Challenge Typing Club […]