Adventures in Writing, Part 3

A particularly compassionate and imaginative journal entry by Kayla P., age 11, Arlington, VA.

“Hey mom, I’m going to the lab. Be back in time for dinner,” I yelled, grabbing my backpack and running down the stairs. “Okay, honey. Be careful,” replied my mom. I ran out the door and down the street and into the forest and followed the dirt path. I skipped down the brown, dirt path and passed bushes, tress and flowers. Then, I see my lab, up high in the tree. I run and start to climb up the ladder. As I reach the top, I get right to work, and start mixing. The liquids boil and bubble. New colors were being made every second – purples, pinks and blues. High temperatures to low temperatures. Thicker to thinner. And then, it popped and letters began to appear on the bottle. “Congratulations, you have created the potion that enables you to live forever. This is a very powerful position and should only be used with a purpose such as, old age or sickness. It’s all up to you! Good luck! – Ziggy Miggy. P.S. you can only use it once Confused and shocked, I started home with the potion in my hand. Down the ladder and the path. Back on the street, into my house and up to my room. I though about what the note had said and what my options were. And after thinking for a long time I decided that I would tell my mom. “Amy, it’s time for dinner and we are having chicken nuggets and salad,” yelled my mom from the kitchen. “Okay I’ll be right down,” I said. I hopped down the stairs and ate with my family. I went to bed. Then next morning I went down stairs and told my mom what had happened the day before, and told her that I didn’t know what to do with it. She said that I could give it to my great-grandfather, Pop Pop who was a 96 years old and sick. I thought it was an amazing idea because I loved my great-grandfather so much and he was such a smart and incredible person. I drove to my great-grandfathers house with my mom gave him the potion and felt good about it. I am glad I got to make it! The End!