Does a Complete After-school and Summer Program Exist?

There are countless after-school and summer programs out there. But which one will best prepare your child for success in life?


21st Century Learning Educational Framework

21st Century Learning, a leading nation-wide partner of after-school programs, has created a framework that breaks learning down into four major categories: 1. Key Subjects, 2. Learning & Innovation Skills, 3. Information, Framework-copyrightedMedia & Technology Skills, and 4. Life & Career Skills.

As explained on 21st Century Learning’s website, this frame work “was developed with input from teachers, education experts, and business leaders to define and illustrate the skills and knowledge students need to succeed in work, life and citizenship, as well as the support systems necessary for 21st century learning outcomes.”

So, which is the best after-school or summer program for your child? A program that provides a balanced approach to education and allows your child to grow in all of these areas.


Brain Chase is Your Answer

Brain Chase is the complete after-school and summer program. We offer hundreds of combinations of electives that will help your child achieve in all areas. Here’s how our electives fit in with the 21st Century Learning Framework:

1. Fundamental Subjects

  • Reading (can be done off-line or through Google Books)
  • Math (our software has the ability to integrate with Khan Academy)
  • Creative Writing (submissions receive feedback from credentialed teachers.)soap
  • Book Club
  • Health and Fitness with YogaMeDo Yoga.
  • Geography (incorporated as part of the actual treasure hunt)

2. Learning and Innovation Skills

  • Book Club
  • Engineering with Leo Labs
  • Art with Thorpe Studios
  • Cooking with Edible Education
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical thinking required to solve the riddles and puzzles sent throughout the season

3. Information, Media & Technology Skills

  • Typing with Typing Club
  • Engineering with Leo Labs
  • Coding – to be added in the near future!Daniel%20pizza

4. Life & Career Skills

  • Cooking with Edible Education
  • Art with Thorpe Studios
  • Foreign Language with Rosetta Stone
  • Health and Fitness with YogaMeDo Yoga.


Join Our After-school or Summer Program

Every fall, spring, and summer, Brain Chase students complete dozens of learning tasks under these subjects, all under the guise of a massive, world-wide treasure hunt. As students complete learning challenges, they receive clues to the location of the a real buried treasure. The first student to pin point the treasure will receive a trip to dig it up, along with a $10,000 scholarship.

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The adventure awaits!