Personalized Learning: Why You Should Care.

Personalized Learning. It’s all the rage. But what, exactly, is it, and how can it benefit your child?

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When it comes to education, one question many parents ask is: How much individual attention will my child get? This question encompasses a few ideas:

1. We want our child to get the help he or she needs to master the various subjects taught.

2. We want our child to feel important and well-cared-for. They need to know their teacher knows them as an individual and cares for them.

3. We want to make sure our child has the chance to learn things that are really interesting to him or her, and to explore and grow based on their own talents.

Personalized learning, essentially, is the attempt to incorporate all of those ideas in a way that meets parents’ expectations. Some believe this can be achieved only through home schooling. Other parents look for schools that educate using out-of-the-box techniques and methods. For many parents, however, traditional schooling is the best option.

Benefits of Personalized Learning

Whatever the learning environment, research shows that your child will benefit when provided some degree of personalized education. How? Let us tell you:

1. Children in more personalized environments tend to experience improved scores on standardized tests.

2. These students take more ownership for their education and develop a strong ability to guide their education.

3. Schools see fewer discipline problems, because children are more actively involved in the learning process.

4. In particular, students with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) tend to see significant improvement in overall academic performance.

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Brain Chase Can Help!

Brain Chase recognizes these benefits and is here to help your child succeed. That’s why we’re constantly growing our library of electives. We offer core subjects, like math, reading, and writing, along with supplemental subjects, like art, cooking, and engineering. In the near future, we plan to add coding, amongst other exciting electives. Join us on our next adventure and give your child a unique personalized learning experience!

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