10 ways that online learning can help our overscheduled kids this fall



Fall is a busy time. In our home, we actually hired an extra driver last week just to help us hit all of the soccer practices, back to school nights, piano lessons, gymnastics info sessions, and scouting events on the calendar. And don’t even get me started on the new deluge of homework. With all of the programming busy families like ours face on a daily basis, how can we afford to enroll our children in supplemental online learning programs? Lots of reasons. You’re busy, so I’ll keep this to 10:

  1. To zoom ahead. Let’s face it – sometimes our schools are forced to teach to “the middle” of the class, and can’t move fast enough for some of our students. We can do better than that! Life is too short to be held back with traditionally-paced classrooms. If your kids are ready to sprint ahead in math, writing, languages, and other topics, logging in to programs like Khan Academy and Rosetta Stone is a no-brainer.
  2. To catch up. Remember when you were confused in a math class… but were too embarrassed to raise your hand with a question? So do I. The beauty of online programs is that they will never shame you – even for going back several years to revisit basic topics. Self-pacing works both ways, and virtual programs can be extremely helpful when things need to slow down a bit.
  3. As an alternative to tutors and learning centers. Need an extra boost? Online learning is completely flexible, very customizable, and significantly less expensive than other options. Your students can learn when, how, and what they want – without any extra driving or scheduling.
  4. To round out classroom learning. Remember when we used to learn Home Economics in Jr. High? Sometimes it’s important to round out the Reading, Writing, and Math just a bit. You can use online programs to serve up important topics that might not be offered in your school – like Cooking, Yoga, Musical Instruments, 4th year Russian, and many others.
  5. To adjust to the new paradigm. Love it or hate it, online learning is here to stay. The more experience your kids have in virtual learning environments, the better-equipped they’ll be to embrace online opportunities down the road.
  6. To find new talents and passions. Before signing up for a semester of chess team or debate clubs, help your children open up a world of different topics and disciplines online. It’s a low-risk, low-cost way to let them sample everything before deepening any commitments. All without any carpooling.
  7. As a productive alternative to screen time. Even the busiest, most scheduled students somehow still find time for Netflix. Screen time just happens sometime – but that doesn’t mean it has to be unproductive. Believe it or not, there are some online learning programs that can be even more compelling and engaging than the latest show.
  8. To compete globally. It’s one thing for your kid’s soccer team to be playing the other kids across town. It’s entirely different for them to be squaring off against students in China and Brazil. Some online programs also function as international competitions, allowing your students to compare leaderboard status with students across the globe.
  9. To nurture 21st-Century Skills. Grit, determination, self-direction, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking… these skills are becoming more and more valuable in schools and in the workplace – but they’re not easily taught. You’d need an online program that’s been designed specifically to nurture these skills. We might be able to recommend one…
  10. To have some fun. Okay, this one is a bit of a shameless plug. But seriously – treasure hunts? Escape rooms? Decoder rings sent with wax-sealed letters? I dare you to find an online learning program more fun and engaging than Brain Chase.

Life is busy. But it’s also too short to pass up some of the amazing technologies that are personalizing learning, advancing education, and yes, simplifying our world. There are hundreds of online learning tools out there, but we’re pretty partial to Brain Chase. We invite you to register for our next adventure, and see for yourself how online learning can help your children – no matter how busy they may be.


Yours in Adventure,


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