Introducing… Brain Chase Escape Rooms!


It’s hard to believe that Brain Chase has just completed its 15th global treasure hunt. There’s nothing we love more than flying around the world with our intrepid winners as they unearth their golden prizes. Why then, after almost five years in the treasure hunting business, would we switch things up and add Escape Rooms to the mix? Here are a few things our faithful past participants (may I say ‘fans?’) should know about the upcoming programs:

  • We had some help with this one! The idea for Brain Chase escape rooms began earlier this summer with the wonderful Shellenberger family (two-time Brain Chase champions!) during our treasure recovery mission to Churchill Downs, Kentucky. Before claiming the Glass of Conan Doyle, the Shellebergers invited me to join them in an escape room-type card game (they thoroughly enjoyed stumping me). Thanks to the Shellenbergers for their brainstorming and suggestions! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the execution…
  • Don’t worry – it’s still about Mae Merriweather and Tate Grayson. There’s no way we’re abandoning the team. In fact, the new interactivity of the escape rooms will only deepen your relationship with the Grayson Academy of Antiquities, and add more clues to the disappearance of Mr. Grayson himself.
  • Escape Rooms will greatly increase our flexibility for schools and other groups. Instead of having a single launch date, a set workload, and a fixed duration, we’re delighted to announce that the new Escape Rooms can be customized and scheduled to meet the specific needs of each of our partners.
  • With Escape Rooms, every student can win. As the treasure hunts have grown, we’ve heard from more and more of you expressing a feeling of futility about winning the prize. We always want the programs to be challenging, but we also want every student to feel successful. By letting everyone crack the puzzle, Escape Rooms can help us do that.
  • Escape Rooms can be “always on.” Looking for something engaging during Spring Break? Out of town for the first half of the summer? Want to use Brain Chase for a birthday party (we get a lot of these requests!)? Escape Rooms will let you stay active wi​_th Brain Chase, even if you’re not participating in the larger treasure hunts.
  • Technically, it’s 12 different Escape Rooms in one. Where there used to be animated webisodes, there are now interactive “rooms.” So for a 6-week program, you’ll have to crack 12 different puzzles. And yes, of course each room gets more difficult as you go. What did you expect?
  • Introducing… Global Leaderboards! For the first time, students will be able to see how they stack up against other participants across the globe.
  • We still have the same library of electives… and it’s expanding. No matter how we gamify the program, our mission remains the same: to make learning irresistible. To advance from room to room, your kids will still need to do some learning. And we’ll hold off on the annoucements now, but we’ve got some amazing electives in the pipeline.
  • The treasure hunts aren’t going away (in fact… this will make them even better!). By reducing our treasure hunt load to one or two per year, we’re hoping to dial up the Mae Merriweather storylines… and dial back some of the classic film themes. Stay tuned for new treasure hunts every summer… and possibly a few more.
  • There’s still a massive Brain Chase mystery to solve – and it won’t be easy. Each Escape Room will contain multiple levels of puzzles. While you’re advancing through the program, keey your eyes out for additional letters, numbers, coordinates, and other clues that will feel very familiar to Brain Chase veterans.
  • We still have the 100% satisfaction guarantee! What fun is working at a startup if you can’t try new things every once in a while? We’re experimenting with Escape Rooms, and we’d love for you to experiment along with us. Tell us what you think – and as always, if you’re not completely satisfied during the first week of the program, we’ll give you a full refund.

We’re very proud of this fall’s program, and we can’t wait to share it with you. We hope you’ll join us for the kickoff on October 15th.

Yours in Adventure,

Allan Staker

Dad and Co-Founder