Benefits of a Well-rounded Education

Sure, your student shows great talent in the arts. Yes, your child is a mathematical wizard. But don’t allow them to stay in their comfort zone.

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Of course it’s important to foster your child’s natural abilities. But your child will thrive much more in life if they are exposed to a wide variety of academic challenges. Research has shown that students need a well-rounded education.



One article reports:Sushi Rolls!

– Students who tackle a broad subject range tend to have better developed life attributes, such as: creativity, persistence, and the ability to communicate and collaborate.

– A well-balanced education tends to give students a more positive outlook on learning.

– Exposure to the arts helps students develop more self-control and a better ability to cooperate with peers, coupled with less violent and aggressive responses.

– Students who participate in some sort of education requiring movement and exercise tend to have higher cognitive abilities.

Another article claims the benefits of a well-rounded education include:image_18

– Students are better able to adapt to life challenges when they’ve been faced with a wide range of academic challenges.

– Those who had a varied education tend to develop better study habits and perform better in college.

– Younger students seldom know what their career will be. If they choose to switch careers suddenly, a well-rounded education will give them the basic understanding necessary to do so. It will also make it easier for them to explore different passions that arise throughout life.


soapWith very little effort, we can enhance the education of our students by enrolling them in summer camps, sports leagues, dance classes, music lessons and other enriching activities.

Programs like Brain Chase provide finger-tip access to a large number of academic disciplines in a creative, unique, fun and challenge way that is also extremely affordable.

We know you want the best for your student, as every parent does. One of the best things you can do for them is monitor their education and make sure they truly have the chance to experience a well-rounded education.

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