What is a Brain Chase Re-Release?

 The Academy is back.

We believe in the power of good stories, and the Brain Chase team has worked hard to bring Tate Grayson, Mae Merriweather, and the other members of the Grayson Academy of Antiquities to life. Their adventures are the glue that holds the entire Brain Chase experience together, and we’re proud to announce that earlier seasons won’t lie buried in the Brain Chase vaults for long.


the team


Although we’ve designed each Brain Chase storyline to stand alone, our growing customer base continues to ask us what they’ve been missing from prior seasons. At the same time, our rapid expansion into the after-school market has outpaced the ability of our animation team to produce new episodes. To address both of these issues, we will, from time to time, re-release a program. We’ve done this twice now. The first was during Fall 2015 with the re-release of Brain Chase: The Globe of Magellan. The second is Fall 2016, Brain Chase: The Sunstone of Cortez.


What makes a Re-Release different from the original version(s)?

As you know, each animated season of Brain Chase contains all of the clues necessary to pinpoint the location of a real buried treasure that lies someplace on planet earth. A typical 3-minute Brain Chase episode might contain anywhere from 5-15 hidden clues, and these clues can take many forms, including numbers, letters, pictures, coordinates, things people say, etc.

As Brain Chase seasons are Re-Released, previous clues will be scrubbed to make way for an all-new treasure hunt. A new prize will be buried in a new location somewhere on earth, and the episodes will be loaded with dozens of new clues.

But please bear in mind – some clues are easier to remove than others. The original release of Globe of Magellan, for instance, contained strange codes with letters separated by colons. Since these clues all point to Llivia, Spain, these clues will all be removed and replaced by a new type of clue for the Re-Release. But the Globe of Magellan season also contains scenes where islands rise out of the sea, maps hang upside-down on the wall, and the characters say words like “shoelaces.” These clues to the original treasure hunt aren’t easily removed, so they will remain in the animations even after they’ve been scrubbed. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the previous solutions so you can better recognize relevant clues.

Also remember that while much of the story might stay the same, your academic challenges – and even your curriculum provides — might be significantly different.


How is a Re-Release similar to the earlier version(s)?

Are you watching an episode that seems familiar? It should! When we re-release a season, we use the exact same story line and animations, but change up the clues hidden in those animations.


Should I participate during a re-released season?

Definitely! The treasure will be buried in a completely new location and all of the clues will be unique to our current semester. We promise that you’ll have just as much fun and be just as challenged as you were the first time around.


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