What Lies Beneath

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At this very moment, a $10,000 scholarship composed of ten stacks of ten crisp $100 bills lies carefully sealed in a brown, string-tied envelope.

This envelope is resting peacefully in a small metal safe deposit box deep in the vault in the back of a bank.

This vault is guarded 24/7, and the safe deposit box is only accessible with a single key.

Not far away, that small, silver key has been wrapped inside a square piece of burlap fabric.

The burlap is carefully hidden inside a secret compartment in the center of a golden mechanical artifact called the Sunstone of Cortés.

To open this compartment, circular dials on the face of the sunstone must be precisely rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise until certain symbols align, and then a specific symbol in the outer ring must be firmly pressed in order to release an internal trigger.

The entire golden calendar stone has been wrapped carefully in another piece of burlap, and then zipped inside a small canvas duffel.

This duffel is secured inside an air-tight metallic barrier bag to protect it from moisture and corrosion.

The barrier is sealed inside a heavy wooden crate.

This crate is resting quietly under a few layers of freshly-dug earth.

This burial site is protected by the shade of a fruit tree, somewhere on the planet.

Somewhere wonderful.

The precise location of this fruit tree can only be pinpointed by solving a combination of riddles, puzzles, codes, and coordinates.

These clues have been carefully concealed within ten different episodes of an original Brain Chase animated adventure, featuring Mae Merriweather and her team of archaeologist/explorers from the Grayson Academy of Antiquities.

These exclusive episodes have been uploaded to the Brain Chase servers, and are now carefully locked behind academic challenges including reading, writing, math, languages, and bonus assignments.

These challenges can only be accessed via the Brain Chase Student Dashboard, beginning at 9:00am Eastern time on Monday, June 22, 2015.

Only students who have registered for Brain Chase will have access to the Student Dashboard.

Want to be included in the wave of intrepid treasure hunters going after the prize? Think you can complete the challenges, find the clues, and crack the riddle? If you’re the first to solve it, we’ll fly you and a chaperone to the fruit tree, and hand you a shovel.

Register today.