Even Adventures Have Fine Print

Big question: if Brain Chase is a treasure hunt that rewards learning, shouldn’t everyone be able to go for the gold?

Short answer: yes, but even adventures have fine print.


We recognize that the ‘chase’ can only seem as good as the treasure at the end, and there is certainly a disappointment in learning your kids, whether due to location or age, are ineligible to win the grand prize.

The Brain Chase Team has already made great strides in legalizing the program in otherwise ineligible areas. It’s important to us to provide a platform wherein all participants are able to compete for the treasure regardless of location; however, the locations listed as ineligible on our Contest Rules page will remain ineligible for the 2015 adventure due to current gaming laws. Updates pertaining to your specific location will be available after the close of this year’s program.

Participant age can present another eligibility hurdle. If your student will be between the ages of 6 and 16 on the start date of the program and will have completed any grade between 1st-8th grade, then s/he is eligible to win. These criteria were carefully selected after much research and testing. While our learning platform is geared toward your student’s specific capabilities, it’s best suited for learners who have a familiarity with computer use, are able to read alone, can type with relative ease, and can perform the basic math assessments through Khan Academy. While some parent help is okay, like sounding out a hard word or explaining a problem, the program is ultimately for the students’ benefit. We want those who use the platform to feel empowered, not frustrated, and so we’ve scaled eligibility to reflect the capabilities of an appropriate age range.

If your student is outside of age or grade range and you feel as though s/he would still benefit from the program, we encourage you to still register. Your learner will still gain the same benefits of the program through an unforgettable summer full of adventure learning, but would not receive traditional recognition should s/he win the grand prize.

Ultimately, your own judgment as a parent or guardian is the best tool to use when determining whether this program is right for your student. We take great pride in offering an adventure that is both fun and educational to all participants, not just the grand prize winner. After all, the real treasure is in the learning!


Eligibility Reference Sheet:

  1. Anyone can participate in the challenge, but only those who fall within the age, grade, and eligibility guidelines can win the grand prize.
  2. If you are a resident of an eligible location but are stationed or traveling overseas during the program, you are still eligible to win.

Eligible countries:

Canada (except Quebec)

The US (except Maryland and US Territories)


United Kingdom