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The Great Family Campout

Question: What do jumbo marshmallows, Nick Offerman, and a pond full of tadpoles all have in common? Answer: They perfectly describe last weekend. Offerman (Ron from “Parks & Rec”) is the National Wildlife Federation’s new spokesperson. He’s featured in their 2015 Great American Campout campaign, an effort to get 100,000 people pledged to camp this […]

Eye on Elegance

When you think of Washington, D.C., a few things probably come to mind. Definitely government: the Capitol, White House, Cabinet offices, federal agencies, and embassies all reside here. Next, memorials: gorgeous, majestic, symbolic creations can be found all over the city that pay homage to major events and figures in American history. But after that, […]

Everything Is Interesting #FunFindFriday

Sometimes we all need a jump start. A leap into the right direction, or any direction at all. That’s just where I was when I came across a mystical little book enticingly titled “How to Be an Explorer of the World.” Big promises, right? I was skeptical myself…and then I looked inside. The word “book” […]