Getting Started with the New Year’s Resolution Challenge


What do I do on January 1?
Beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on January 1, you can visit and click the “Log In” button in the upper right hand corner. To log in, enter the login and password you created when you customized the student profile.


Do I have to log in on January 1?
No, but we highly recommend it! January 1 kicks off our “warm-up day” (more on that in the next section). You can start Brain Chase at any time. There is no penalty for starting later and no reward for starting right at 9 a.m. EST. So, don’t worry if you get to it later in the day or even later in the week. It is always possible to catch up. But, it is not possible to move ahead to the next week before the following Monday.


What is the “Warm-up Day”?
In order to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience, January 1 is a “warm-up day,” which allows you to log into your dashboard, try the different electives, sync up your accounts, and make sure everything is working properly before the first clues are released. The real chase will begin January 2!


What do I do after logging in?
Once you have logged in, you will see the Student Dashboard. You will watch the first video and then proceed to do the challenge work by clicking on the challenge icons.


Does it matter what order I do the work in?
No. You can select any of the four modules to start with, and they can even leave a module for a time and come back to it later in the week. The module will continue to keep track of how much work you have done, but it will remain gold until the required work is completed. When your student has finished all of the required work, the icons will change colors and a check mark will appear in the corner. When all four modules are completed for the week, the next video will unlock automatically.


What if I have trouble getting into a partner websites?
We’ve worked to make sure you can seamlessly access our academic partners through the Student Dashboard. But if you have trouble getting in, or if you notice that the Dashboard isn’t registering your work on the partner site, please first check our FAQ and Technical Requirements pages. If you’re still having problems, click the Support button or reach out to us at and we will help you fix the problem. Your ability to participate in the treasure hunt is not affected if you have technical problems.


How do we look for the treasure?
The clues are embedded in the movie series. As you watch the videos, you should take careful note of numbers, symbols, maps and even plot twists in the story. These all lead to the location of the real treasure. For more detailed insight into the treasure hunt, you can read this blog post by Brain Chase founder Allan Staker, and follow our Facebook page. We’ll be posting clues and messages there throughout the program.


How do we guess the treasure’s location?
Every 24 hours, you can drop a pin on the map to register your guess of the treasure’s location. To access the map, click “Find the Treasure” at the top of the Student Dashboard.  A countdown clock will let you know how long you must wait before guessing again. The winning guess must be within a 2-mile radius of the actual location.


Could the treasure be located before the end of the program?
Sure, but someone would have to be very lucky to drop a pin within a 2-mile radius before they’ve collected all of the clues to the riddle. Clues will continue coming even through the very last video, so the best strategy for winning is simply to stay on top of the academic work, study the clues and keep making educated guesses on the map. In addition to pinpointing the treasure’s location, the winner must also complete all 5 weeks of resolution challenges.


When will you announce the winner?
Even if the treasure is pinpointed before the end of the program, we will not announce the winner until the final week of our program is complete. It may even take a few days after the final videos are unlocked for someone to actually pinpoint the treasure’s location. You can expect a winner to be announced on or a few days after February 6, 2018.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ section or email us at Good luck, adventurers!