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The Program Bulletin Board is designed to keep you posted with the latest hints, tips, and updates. Be sure to check back often. Also, please check your email regularly (be sure to whitelist us so we don’t get stuck in your SPAM filter) and keep close tabs on our FAQs and Facebook page.


Recent Announcements:

        • found 2

        • 8/18 – Student Dashboards close this weekend. Check your mail for Adventure Patches and Completion Certificates!

        • 8/14 – Congratulations to Elijah Hampson and Katherine Ayers, winners of the 2017 Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenges! Click here for complete solutions to the Global and Texas riddles. Great work, adventurers!

        • 8/7 – The treasures have been located, but here are two hints for anyone still working things out:

          • Global Challenge, Hint #1
          • global hint 1
          • Texas Challenge, Hint #1
          • texas hint 1
        • 8/7 – ANNOUNCEMENT: Both the Texas and Global treasures have been located. Winner announcements and complete solutions will be coming soon. In the meantime, your dashboards will remain open until 8/18 to give everyone a chance to finish. We will also be posting a few hints here on the Bulletin Board as well as on Facebook to help others solve the mystery. Stay tuned…

        • 7/25 – IMPORTANT UPDATE: A few outdated clues from an earlier program were  discovered in the Week 4 videos, and have now been removed (no new clues have been added). Please rewatch these videos and check them against your lists to make sure you’re not going down any wrong paths (we’re not usually fans of red herrings!). We apologize for the false leads.

        • 7/21 – Get ready for Week 5. Quick reminder – Dashboards will remain open for 2 weeks after Week 6 ends, just to give everyone an extra chance to finish up. Finish strong!

        • 7/14 – The beginning of Week 4 marks the half-way point. Keep up, Adventurers!

        • 7/10 – Welcome to Week Three! A quick reminder for anyone competing in the Texas Edition of the program – the treasure you seek is buried somewhere in the state of Texas! We’re seeing a lot of guesses elsewhere on the earth. Use your guesses wisely! (Global Challenge participants – this does not apply to you!)

        • 7/7 – Week 3 begins on Monday! Stay with it, Adventurers – there are more twists, turns, and clues right around the corner…

        • 7/3 – Welcome to Week 2! After hearing from several of you with beginning typists, we’ve further lowered the typing points requirement to 30,000 pts in Week 2 and beyond. The goal is for students to be typing around an hour each week, but remember – they are free to do as much typing as they like, and they won’t need to stop once they’ve earned the required points.

        • 6/27 – TYPING UPDATE – based on your feedback, we’ve adjusted the weekly typing requirements down from 75,000 pts to 50,000 pts, and we’ve also added an override option on the Parent Dashboard. If your child is repeating lessons and not earning points, feel free to use this feature to assist them. Thank you for the suggestions!

        • 6/23 – Have a restful weekend… it all starts on Monday at 9am Eastern.

        • 6/19 – The Warm-up Week is now live! Please log in and try out your electives to make sure everything’s working for you. You can also upgrade to different electives if you wish. Get ready! The first clues, animations, and challenges begin on 6/26!

        • 6/16 – The chase begins on Monday! Time to log into your accounts and choose your electives. If you need help, send us a note at

        • 6/16 – Friends don’t let friends lose learning! Please help us spread the word about our Texas and Global programs. We need your help to fight summer learning loss!

        • Only a few weeks to go. Stay tuned for emails from the Brain Chase team about how to get started, and be sure to check back soon!


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