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The Program Bulletin Board is designed to keep you posted with the latest hints, tips, and updates. Be sure to check back often. Also, please check your email regularly (be sure to whitelist us so we don’t get stuck in your SPAM filter) and keep close tabs on our FAQs and Facebook page.


Recent Announcements:

        • Congratulations to Tristan Metschan of Novato, California, winner of this Spring’s program! Click here to find the answer and see the complete solution.

        • Still working on the treasure hunt? Here’s a hint:

        • A Clue
        • 4/10 – The Mask has been located.

        • Mask found
        • 4/3 – Welcome to the final week of the Spring program. If you’re keeping up, this week you’ll have all the information you need to pinpoint the location of the buried mask. Sprint to the finish!

        • 3/27 – It’s Spring Break! No new content this week – take the opportunity to catch up and get ready for the final week of the program. Good luck!

        • 3/20 – Welcome to Week Five! We’re getting closer to the end. Falling behind? Time to kick things into high gear!

        • 3/14 – Heads-up, chefs! We’ve made a few changes to the ingredients list. Please check the list to make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming Cooking challenges!

        • 3/13 – It’s Week Four! Already on Spring Break? Feel free to take the week off, and hit Week 4 next week. We’ve built a buffer into the program to accommodate different school schedules. Sally Forth!

        • 3/6 – Here comes Week Three! Watch for a survey link at the end of the week – we’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the program!

        • 2-24 – Week Two begins on Monday at 3pm! Just joining us? Don’t worry – you have plenty of time to catch up. Let us know how we can help.

        • 2-20 – Welcome to Week One! The first challenges, animations, and clues go live at 3pm Eastern today. The race for the Mask has begun.

        • 2/13 – We’re live! Test out your dashboard and electives, and make sure everything’s working for you.

        • 2/10 – Get ready! The Warm-up Week begins on Monday!

        • 2/9 – Announcing Brain Chase: Texas Edition! Coming to the Lone Star State in Summer of 2017 (don’t worry – we’ll still have Brain Chase Classic for everyone else!)


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