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  • 7/14/21 – The winner has been announced, and the solution to the treasure hunt can be found here (pw=mowgli). Congrats to everyone who solved it!

  • 6/30/21 – All of the clues are released! Good luck, Adventures!

  • 6/28/21 – The final clues are being released this week! The final video will be released on Wednesday, for those who have completed their weekly challenges!

  • 6/21/21 – Welcome to Week 4!

  • 6/14/21 – Welcome to Week 3! We’re at the halfway mark!

  • 6/7/21 – Welcome to Week 2!

  • 5/31/21 – Happy Memorial Day! The Jungle Book has officially started! You’ll need a keen eye for clues during Week 1!

  • 5/24/21 – Welcome to the Warm Up Week! Take the time this week to learn how to use the Brain Chase dashboard before the clues start next week. Happy adventuring!



Wednesday, 7/14 – The Solution

Monday, 6/28 – Welcome to Week Five

Monday, 6/21 – Welcome to Week Four

Monday, 6/14 – Welcome to Week Three

Monday, 6/7 – Welcome to Week Two

Monday, 5/31 – Welcome to Week One

Monday, 5/24 – Welcome to the Warm-up Week

Monday, 5/17 – Get Ready



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