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Recent Announcements:

  • 1/8/21 – We have a winner! Click here for details.

  • 12/2/20 – It won’t be long now!

  • 11/18/20 – Don’t give up – the missing robot needs your help!

  • 10/13/20 – Need some extra hints? Click here!

  • 10/6/20 – We’re going into extra innings. Don’t give up!

  • 9/28/20 – Finish strong! Week Four has just begun.

  • 9/21/20 – Week Three has arrived.

  • 9/14/20 – Welcome to Week Two.

  • 9/7/20 – Welcome to Week One. The clues are live, and you can begin making guesses.

  • 8/31/20 – It’s finally here! Welcome to the Robotters Quest Warm-up Week. It’s time to log in.

  • 7/24/20 – Please Note: The launch of the Robotters Quest is being moved to Monday, August 31. If that’s a problem for you, please email us at for a full refund. If you’re okay with the change, thank you for your patience! We’ll make it worth your while.

  • 7/23/20 – Attention Robotters: please visit this website for information about the upcoming Robotters Quest (and maybe a few hidden items)



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