San Antonio Youth Summer Camp 2017

Search for buried treasure. Win a $10,000 scholarship.

June 19 – August 5, 2017

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Be the first to solve the clues and dig up a real buried treasure located somewhere in Texas.

Keep your math, reading, writing, and other skills sharp during the summer while discovering new hobbies.

Register as a team or as an individual.

How it works:

  1. Register here to gain access to your challenges and start receiving your clues. 
  2. Complete the summer learning activities to unlock the next clues
  3. Use the clues to guess where the treasure is buried. The first one to guess correctly wins a trip to the site to dig up the treasure and a $10,000 scholarship! 



Where is Brain Chase San Antonio Youth Summer Camp Located?

Brain Chase headquarters is located in Austin, TX, but the summer camp starts right in your home. No need to travel to start your adventure. You just need an internet connection and a mailing address to get set up and start receiving academic activities and clues to the treasure’s location.  You will use our interactive map to track down the treasure’s location.


Who can participate?

Any pre-college student between the ages of 6-16, who are residents of the State of Texas as of June 19, 2017, are eligible to win.


How much does Brain Chase San Antonio Youth Summer Camp Cost? 

Our 7-week summer camp starts at just $69/student. Upgrades are available for an additional cost. Early-bird pricing is available.


What kind of learning will happen during the camp?

We offer 20 different learning activities, from reading and math to cooking and fitness. Your child will select three of them to focus on and complete weekly challenges in throughout the camp. In addition to learning challenges, we will give your students weekly bonus challenges to teach them adventure skills, like map reading and using a compass. And, of course, because this is a treasure hunt, they will learn loads about history, geography, and a lot of other cool stuff.


Can I join if I live outside of San Antonio?

Yes! Our San Antonio Youth Summer Camp is available to all residents of Texas between the ages of 6-16. In addition to our San Antonio Youth Summer Camp, we offer a World-wide Summer Camp open to all students ages 6-16. Students who participate in this camp will compete with students all over the world to discover the location of a buried treasure. Click here to see where our past winners have traveled to unearth their prize.


What other challenges does Brain Chase offer?

In addition to Brain Chase Youth Summer Camps, we offer fall and spring after-school programs for students ages 6-16. We also host a New Year’s Resolution Challenge, open to all ages in all locations.


Questions? Email us at or visit