New Year's Resolution Options

We asked hundreds of Brain Chase parents what electives they’d like to include with the New Year’s Resolution Challenge. Based on your feedback, we’ve created several new challenges (and we’re bringing back a few student favorites as well). Here’s what’s included. Are you ready for the challenge?





Fitness (required). As a general rule, the experts recommend you shoot for 30-ish minutes of exercise each day. We’re not asking that much, but taking that advice and building on it. Our fitness pro will lead you through a series of challenges as you work towards your fitness goals. Click here to meet your fitness coach, David Yarter.




Reading. You’ll read 60 minutes each week using either Google Books or something offline. If you do your reading offline, you will need to report your reading minutes in your dashboard each week.





Service. We’ll give you weekly service challenges and you’ll report back to us. Expect each challenge to take 30-60 minutes. Meet Ben, the CEO of Mobile Serve and our Service Challenge Host.





Math. Is your fifth grader already doing math beyond your capabilities? It’s time to put a stop to that. Our dashboard syncs perfectly with Khan Academy. We’ll help you create an account and you’ll be off to the races.





Family Relationships. Whether you’re married, single, a grandparent, or a kid, our trained professional will give you weekly tasks to help you strengthen your interpersonal relationships. Each task will take an average of 30 minutes. Want to meet Kristal de Santes, our host for the Relationship challenge? Click here.






Home Organization. Each week, you’ll take on a new project to get your house in order. You’ll send us before and after pics so we can celebrate your progress with you. Our team will provide encouragement along the way. Plan to spend about 30-60 minutes on each task. Ready to meet your Home Organization host, Jamie Steele? Click here.





Finances. Want to learn basic financial principles to help your household run a bit smoother? Our financial expert will walk you through a new 30-minute challenge each week to help you improve these very important skills. Click here to meet our Finance Challenge host, Joe Mihalic, and to learn more about his financial journey.





Improving Habits. Want to stop smoking? Need to get more sleep? This elective lets you decide which habit you want to kick, or which good habit you want to improve. You’ll receive weekly 30-minute challenges designed to aide you in the process and reinforce your efforts. Meet Dr. Beth Charrier, a licensed psychologist and host of the Improving Habits Challenge.




Languages. Ready to learn Spanish? How about Swahili? We’ll set you up with a Rosetta Stone account and you’ll spend at least 30 minutes each week mastering one of 30 different languages.





Cooking. Each week we’ll hook you up with a different expert chef who will present a nutritious recipe to replicate. These recipes are different and more challenging than the recipes we use in our kids’ version. You will need to purchase ingredients, so be sure to plan ahead! Check out the Cooking Challenge Ingredient and Supply List.




Book Club. You will read Touching the Void by Joe Simpson and receive weekly reading assignments and writing prompts related to the reading material. You’ll upload their comments to a discussion board where they will be able to view submissions from other Book Club participants.




Coding. This elective is quickly becoming one of our most popular. We will set you up with a Code Combat account, and each week you’ll practice your coding skills.





Art. Who says you can’t have artistic New Year’s Resolutions? Meet your host, James Thorpe. Each week, James will serve up a new art project to help you beautify your home in the New Year. Click here for the complete supply list.





Want to take the whole family on an adventure? Registering for the Family Challenge includes all access to team versions of Math, Home Orgainization, Finance, Service, Reading, Cooking, and Art. You’ll name one “Team Captain” who will own the login information, and then each of the electives will be done by the team as a whole. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Do you like the selection? Let us know what you think by sending us a note at