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The Program Bulletin Board is designed to keep you posted with the latest hints, tips, and updates. Be sure to check back often, and please check your email regularly (be sure to whitelist us so we don’t get stuck in your SPAM filter).




  • 12/14 – Did you solve the puzzle? Click here to read the complete solution. Great work, Adventurers!

  • 12/4 – Having trouble clicking on different items in the room? We’ve heard that clearing your browser’s cache helps! CTRL + SHFT + DEL works on most browsers; click here for more details.

  • 12/3 – Hungry for more? Use the returning customers-only coupon code EXPERT for 50% off of a subcription registration! Next up: Escape from Mt. Everest! Register here.

  • 12/3 – Please take a moment to complete our Fall 2018 Completion Survey. We’d love to hear about your experience!

  • 12/3 – Weclome to Week Six! You now have everything you need to escape. Can you do it?

  • 11/26 – Week Five begins today! Things are starting to get a little spookier. Finish strong!

  • 11/16 – Happy Thanksgiving! No new challenges or rooms next week, so use this time to get caught up. We’ll still be standing by to review your submissions. Enjoy the break!

  • 11/12 – Welcome to Week Four! Please note – there will be no new rooms or elective content next week in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Think of it as a ‘catch-up week!’

  • 11/5 – Curious where everyone else is guessing? Check out the new Leaderboard! Just click the link at the top, next to your Map page. This adds a new level to the competition… we can’t wait to hear what you think.

  • 10/26 – Welcome to Week Two. Get ready, things are about to get… Egyptian.

  • 10/22 – Weclome to Week One! Log in to access the Grayson Academy Archive Room and start solving the mystery.

  • 10/15 – Welcome to the Fall 2018 Brain Chase Challenge: Escape from Nefertari’s Tomb! The Warm-up Week has begun.




 Escape Room Tips:

  • Having trouble clicking on different items in the room? Clearing your browser’s cache helps: CTRL + SHFT + DEL on most browsers; click here for more details.
  • Want to make the Escape Rooms bigger? We’re working on making a full-screen option available. In the meantime, please simply enlarge your screen to zoom in (Tablets and touch-screens: pinch the screen / PC: CNTRL + ‘+’/ Mac: CMMD + OPTION + ‘=’).
  • Using a tablet? It’s difficult to know what to click! For a change of view, use a desktop or laptop with a mouse. Every time the cursor hovers over a clickable item, the mouse icon will appear as a finger.
  • We strongly recommend using the latest versions of the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge or Explorer for the escape rooms.
  • Getting stuck? Click here as a last resort.


General Resources:


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