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Recent Announcements:

  • 8/3 – Congratulations to the winners of Brain Chase 2018: The Sunstone of Cortes! We’ll post the full solution next week (as well as a big announcement!)

  • 7/30 – FOUND. Stay tuned for winner announcements, the Sunstone’s location, and the complete solution!

  • 7/23 – Week Five has begun. Good luck, Adventurers!

  • 7/16 – Welcome to Week Four! It won’t be long now…

  • 7/8 – Week Three begins tomorrow. Keep up the great work!

  • 7/5 – Rogue clue alert! If you happened to notice a Morse Code clue in the first Week One video, PLEASE DISREGARD! That clue was useful here, but is irrelevant for this summer’s program. Our sincere apologies – we’re not trying to throw you off! The clue has been removed, and nothing else in the video has been modified.

  • 6/29 – Week Two begins on Monday. Make sure you’re making guesses!

  • 6/25 – Welcome to Week One! The first clues are now live. Good luck!

  • 6/19 – If you’re having trouble with the elective upgrade process, please just use the Upgrade Form to pay for your student’s new elective, then email us at and we’ll change it manually. Thanks!

  • 6/18 – Welcome to the Warm-up Week! This is your chance to test out your different electives and get comfortable with the program before the first clues are release next Monday.

  • 6/8 – Get ready, Adventurers! Brain Chase begins in 10 days.

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