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Recent Announcements:

  • Meet the winners and see the complete solution! Click here.

  • Overtime – Click here everyday for new hints: Hint #1 | Hint #2Hint #3Hint #4Final Hint

  • 7/18/19 – Doing the Math elective? Please update your Khan points manually until further notice (please see this note for more details). Thank you for your patience!

  • 7/17/19 – Congratulations to Kadee Miller, winner of this week’s Bake-Off competition! There were some amazing tarts out there. Keep up the great baking!

  • 7/13/19 – Heads-up: The final video of Week Five will be unlocked at 9am Eastern on Tuesday in order to level the playing field for students needing feedback. Good luck!

  • 7/8/19 – Great baking, Sabina Clingerman! Sabina’s tofu bread won this week’s “sneaky bread” competition. See more on FB!

  • 7/1/19 – Nice work, Honour King! Honor takes home top prize in the Week Two Bake-Off challenge for her amazing cupcakes! Visit the FB Community gallery to see her delicious work.

  • 6/25/19 – Congratulations to Nancy Long, winner of the Week One Brain Chase Bake-Off! Visit our FB page to learn about Nancy’s submission…

  • 6/21 – Having trouble with elective upgrades? Just send us an email!

  • 6/11 – A few tips as you’re getting started:

    • If you’re having trouble accessing your account, click here and try resetting your password using the email address you signed up with. You’ll go straight to your Parent Dashboard and find all of your students’ login information.
    • Using the Math or Foreign Language electives? Please give us some time to get your accounts set up. Thank you for your patience!
    • We’re in the Warm-up Week right now; all Adventure Tools, animations, and clues will begin in Week One. Hang tight!
  • 6/10 – Welcome to the Warm-up Week! Here’s a Quick Start Guide to get you going.

  • 6/9 – Brain Chase begins tomorrow!

  • 6/4 – Get ready, Adventurers! Brain Chase begins on Monday!

  • 6/1 – Catch up with Mae Merriweather! See the quick recap here.



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