Fall 2020 – The Mask of Tomoe Gozen

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Recent Announcements:

  • Monday 9/28 – Click the Announcement email below to meet this fall’s winner and see how she did it. Great job, everyone!

  • Monday, 9/21 – The treasure has been FOUND. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Monday, 9/14 – The final week has begun. Please note that the last video won’t be released until Wednesday in order to even the playing field with feedback-based electives.

  • Monday, 9/7 – Welcome to Week Four!

  • Monday, 8/31 – Welcome to Week Three!

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Did you know there are multiple ways to use a Pigpen Cipher? Some of the clues in previous episodes have been slightly modified in order to standardize. Please note that no clues have been added or removed, and no placements have changed – they’ve only been modified slightly. Good luck!

  • Monday, 8/24 – Welcome to Week Two! We can’t wait to see your submissions this week.

  • Monday, 8/17 – Welcome to Week One! The first animations and clues are now live.

  • Sunday, 8/9/20 – Get Ready! The Warm-up Week begins tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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