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The Program Bulletin Board is designed to keep you posted with the latest hints, tips, and updates. Be sure to check back often, and please check your email regularly (pleaseĀ whitelist us so we don’t get stuck in your SPAM filter!).



Recent Announcements:

  • Tuesday, 5/12 – Congratulations to Lucas and Colette Eisenberg, winners of the March 2020 Treasure Hunt! The Eisenberg family wins a gold nugget worth $1,000.00. Congratulations to all of our adventurers!

  • Monday, 5/11 – The Globe of Magellan has been FOUND. More information coming very soon…

  • Monday, 5/4 – Welcome to the final week! Please note – this week’s second video will be released on Wednesday so that players awaiting elective feedback won’t be at a disadvantage.

  • Monday, 4/27 – Sprint to the finish, Adventurers!

  • Monday, 4/20 – You’re halfway there! Keep it up!

  • Monday, 4/13 – Week Three is underway. Keep up the great work!

  • Saturday, 4/11 – The uploading should work now!

  • Friday, 4/10 – Here is a list of alternate activities to do if you cannot access the supplies needed for the challenges.

  • Friday, 4/10 – For those still having issues uploading, if you are not comfortable linking to social media, please use another link (such as and writing a detailed description of your project. Then send the photo or video to so we can take a look! Let us know if you have more questions!

  • Monday, 4/6 – We’ve heard that some of you are having image uploading problems. We’re working on a server update that will help – in the meantime, please try submitting a few times until it sticks!

  • Monday, 3/30/20 – The Rosetta Stone accounts are up and running! Good luck, and welcome to Week One!

  • Thursday, 3/26/20 – Join today’s Webinar: Treasure Hunting Tips. Turn your cameras on – it’s your chance to ask questions about how Brain Chase works and how to find the treasure! Kids only, please. And yes, this will be recorded for rebroadcast. Here’s the invitation.

  • Monday, 3/23/20 – Check out our daily $10 challenges! Visit our Facebook page for daily engineering, art, and cooking contests. This week only. Good luck!

  • Monday, 3/23/20 – Welcome to the Spring 2020 Quarantine Challenge! This is the warm-up week; it’s your chance to test everything out before the hunt goes live. Email us at if you have questions!



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