Summer 2020 Bulletin Board – Gold Cohort

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Recent Announcements:

  • Saturday, 7/18 – Meet the winners and see the complete solution!

  • Monday, 7/13 – FOUND

  • Friday, 7/10 – Thanks to a sharp-eyed adventurer, we found an extraneous clue in the first video of week 5. We are removing it now. The unnecessary clue is “And reflection will light.”

  • Wednesday, 7/8 – For those who have completed their electives, the final video is now available! Good luck, adventurers!

  • Monday, 7/6 – We’re releasing the second video on Wednesday at 9am Eastern to give everyone a fair shot. Good luck, everyone!

  • Monday, 6/29 – Keep up the good work!

  • Monday, 6/22 – You’re getting closer!

  • Monday, 6/15 – Week Two begins today! Good luck, everyone!

  • Monday, 6/8 – Welcome to Week One! Please note – we’re updating our site certificate; it will be live shortly. Thanks!

  • Friday, 6/5/20 – TypingClub is now live!

  • Monday, 6/1/20 – Welcome to Brain Chase! It’s time to log in and test everything out. Remember – the animations, hidden clues, secret messages, and more begin next week. This is your chance to make sure everything is working properly.



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