Summer 2023 – Elective List


Ready to get your hands dirty? Choose 3 electives for each program. Some, like Foreign Languages, Typing, and Coding, include personal access to our software partners. Others, like Engineering, Art, and Cooking, are hosted by experts and involve hands-on challenges with personalized feedback.


Each elective includes 5-6 challenges. Challenges can be customized to the age and ability of each participant, and each challenge takes about one hour to complete. Click here to sample an elective, and click here for a gallery of some student submissions.


And get ready to dial up the adventure with this summer’s new electives: Archaeology, Paleontology, Orienteering, Wilderness Survival, and Codebreaking!



NEW! Archaeology – Learn hands-on adventure skills from a real archaeologist! The perfect primer for discovering and studying ancient artifacts and civilizations.


Art with Thorpe Studio – Classic Thorpe art projects. Returning adventurer? Choose Art2 for additional challenges.

Brain Chase Bake Off – Join a past winner as our new host and judge. Each week a winner will be declared and rewarded.


NEW! Codebreaking – Get a masterclass in codes, ciphers, secret messages, encryption techniques. Perfect for communicating with your friends (and possibly even solving Brain Chase puzzles!

Cooking with Edible Education – Classic Brain Chase recipes. Returning adventurer? Choose Cooking2 for additional challenges.

Engineering with Leo Labs – Classic science and engineering projects from Leo Labs. Returning adventurer? Choose Engineering2 for additional challenges.

Entrepreneurship with Acton Children’s Business Fair – Launch your own business! You’ll run simulations, learn about marketing, and start to sell your own products.

Fitness – Daily fitness challenges and a log to keep track of progress.

Gardening with KidsGardening – Set up your own garden with KidsGardening.

Magic – Learn different magic tricks from the Atlanta Magic School to impress your friends and family.

Martial Arts with Action Karate – Master discipline, respect, balance, and some crazy kicks with your hosts from Action Karate.

Math – Practice your math skills with your own Khan Academy account.

Mindfulness – Spend time focusing on your breathing, your emotions, and more with the help of a mindfulness expert.

Music – Need some motivation to practice an instrument? Log your time with the Music elective.

Music Appreciation – Dial up your understanding and appreciation for all types of music with your host, Dr. Melanie.


NEW! Orienteering – Get out your compass! Learn how to orient a map, chart coordinates, and build adventure courses for your friends and family.


NEW! Paleontology – Learn hands-on fossil excavation skills from a professional geologist/paleontologist.


Photography – Get hands-on instruction on how to take great photos.

Reading – Use your own book or a Google Books account and track your summer reading.

Science with Science Matters – Learn about the physical world around you with hands-on projects from the experts at Science Matters.

Typing with TypingClub – Set up a TypingClub account and master basic keyboarding.


NEW! Wilderness Survival – Learn tried-and-true survival techniques, and practice hands-on skills for surviving in nature.


Creative Writing with Credentialed Teachers – Flex your writing muscles with our team of credentialed teachers.

Yoga with YogaMeDo – Move and breathe with Miss Amy.


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