Summer 2022 – Elective List

Learning and adventure are the core of Brain Chase- each of our electives embodies both! Participants choose 3 electives, with your elective choices dependent on your package choice.  You can also purchase electives a la carte. Click on each elective to learn more!


Art with Thorpe Studio – Classic Thorpe projects. Additional challenges will be provided for returning artists. Click for supplies list.

Brain Chase Bake Off – Join a past winner as our new host and judge. Each week a winner will be declared and rewarded.

Brain Chase Book Club – 4 brand new books selected by Brain Chase’s resident English teacher, Gracie!

Coding with CodeCombat – Learn the basics of coding with CodeCombat.

Cooking with Edible Education – Classic Brain Chase recipes, with additional recipes provided for returning cooks. Click for supplies list.

Engineering with Leo Labs – Leo Labs projects and additional projects for returning engineerings. Click for supplies list.

Entrepreneurship with Acton Children’s Business Fair – Launch your own business!

Fitness – Daily fitness challenges and a log to keep track of progress.

Foreign Language with Rosetta Stone – Learn a language with award-winning Rosetta Stone!

Gardening with KidsGardening – Set up your own garden with KidsGardening.

Magic – Abracadabra!

Martial Arts with Action Academy – Learn a few moves with Action Karate.

Math – For older adventurers, select Khan Academy.

 Mindfulness – Join Mr. Adam to develop mindfulness techniques that will last long past Brain Chase ends.

 Music Appreciation – Learning to play an instrument takes time, but cultivating an ear for music doesn’t!

Photography – Get hands-on instruction on how to take great photos.

Reading – For older adventurers, select Google Books.

Science with Science Matters – Learn about the physical world around you.

NEW! Science Showcase with Teacher Geek – Create science and engineering projects and compete in weekly competitions.

Typing with TypingClub – Become faster at typing with TypingClub.

Writing with Credentialed Teachers – Flex your writing muscles with our Credentialed Writing Team.

Yoga with YogaMeDo – Move and breathe with Miss Amy.


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