Music – The Quill of Beethoven

  The Challenge The feather pen that composed Ode to Joy is missing. We just received a tip to the location of its whereabouts – but finding it won’t be easy! As we journey around the world, we’ll need to study some of Beethoven’s works, his contemporary artists, and the different parts of an orchestra. […]

Science – Escape from the Smithsonian

  The Challenge Thieves have broken into the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and stolen some priceless artifacts. It’s up to our team to scour the rooms, follow the clues, and figure out where the thieves are heading next. To solve the puzzles, we’ll need to level up our science skills. But be careful – […]

Photography – Escape from Mt. Everest!

  The Challenge Who was the first climber to summit Mt. Everest? We’ve just received a tip that the camera of George Mallory might contain some pivotal evidence! Together, our team must summit Mt. Everest in search of the missing camera, then use the clues provided to track down the truth. To solve it, we’ll […]

Art – Locked in the Louvre!

  The Challenge Let’s get to Paris! When thugs invade the Louvre museum and make off with a treasured diamond, our team is sent in to solve the case. Together, we’ll use our knowledge of artists, art history, and an online map of the Louvre itself to find the bad guys and save the day. […]

Writing – The Diary of Jane Austen

  The Challenge Did Jane Austen secretly author another novel? There’s only one way to find out: we’ll need to track down her missing diary! To do so, we’ll need to study Victorian England, some of Jane’s works, and the life of the author herself. But be careful – as in romance, things aren’t always […]