Putting Television Time To Good Use


Brain Chase

Mae Merriweather and friends track the Globe of Magellan in the 12-part Brain Chase web series


Although I have not had a two-month summer vacation in over 15 years, I still recall how magical they were. There were carefree afternoons playing pickup soccer games with friends. There were family vacations and camping trips with the Boy Scouts. And of course, there was TV.

Growing up, TV was a contradictory experience in my house. My father was a television director and worked in the TV industry nearly my whole life. His resume includes such shows as Unsolved Mysteries, Unsolved Histories, and numerous other shows for Discovery Channel. However, due to our age and my parent’s refusal to pay for cable television, we never actually watched many of his shows.

Our relationship with television was even more complicated during the school year. Sunday through Thursday, we were not allowed to turn the television on at all. My mother found it a distraction from more important matters like school, chores, and family time.

So really, the summer was the only time that we were able to watch great shows like Gummy Bears, Rescue Rangers, and Saved by the Bell. My siblings and I ended up being early binge watchers, plopping down in front of the television every afternoon to consume content that we missed during the school year.

Recently, I was curious how much television I had actually consumed in my lifetime. Luckily, there is an app for that. Really, it is a website called that calculates the total amount of time you have spent watching television.

Out of curiosity, I put in my three favorite shows from my childhood in order to see how much of my summer I had wasted watching TV. The three shows I mentioned above totaled four days, nineteen hours, and 5 minutes. In one summer, I had spent nearly five full days just watching TV!

If unchecked, television can end up consuming significant portions of children’s summer vacations. That is why I love the Brain Chase concept. Brain Chase harnesses the power of entertainment and television and channels it into something completely productive – something that ensures that summers are spent in a useful way. It combines a compelling story quality animations to ensure that kids want to complete the learning challenge and unlock additional episodes. Brain Chase is the kind of binge watching that parents can support.

Brain Chase is an interactive, multimedia online learning experience designed around a compelling story. Watch the trailer today to learn more.