Month: May 2014

10 Ideas to Fight Summer Boredom

My daughter turned six earlier this month. To celebrate her birthday, we hosted a party at an indoor trampoline park and invited a number of her friends. We figured that if we placed our daughter and her palsĀ in a fun filled environment, they would be able to find their own entertainment. But before long, my […]

Putting Television Time To Good Use

    Although I have not had a two-month summer vacation in over 15 years, I still recall how magical they were. There were carefree afternoons playing pickup soccer games with friends. There were family vacations and camping trips with the Boy Scouts. And of course, there was TV. Growing up, TV was a contradictory […]

5 Buried Treasures That Are Still Missing

Most people associate buried treasure with pirates. The truth is that pirates did not bury their treasure. The only known example of a pirate actually burying a treasure is William Kidd. Kidd was originally commissioned by England to raid Spanish ships in the Atlantic, but he became a little too ambitious and raided anyone who […]