7 Things We Learn From the Brain Chase Trailer

The Brain Chase Trailer has been out for a few weeks now. The trailer is interesting because it gives us insight into the storyline, the location of the buried treasure, and some indication of what will be required each week. Let’s unwrap this trailer and see what clues and hints we can find:

  1. Brain Chase Is More Than A Show – One of the first things we learn in the trailer is that Brain Chase is more than a simple show. It is an interactive summer learning program encompassing both fun and education. For example at 0:54, the trailer transitions from the adventures of the search team to a demonstration of the daily tasks that will need to be completed to unlock the next episode. This gives you an idea of the tools your child will be working with this summer.

    The challenges are grade specific.

    An example of the practice problems that must be completed to unlock the next webisode

  2. There’s A Real Buried Treasure – If you had any doubts regarding authenticity of the treasure, the preview confirms that it is real. The evidence provided includes  actual footage of the treasure being buried. In addition, credit is given to a company called Sisu Devices, a robotics firm that designed the globe. The winner will get to keep the real Globe of Magellan as well as a scholarship worth $10,000. This is definitely a treasure worth seeking.
Treasure can be found as part of the summer enrichment program

A real treasure lies buried in the ground, somewhere on planet Earth.

  1. Brain Chase Is Sneaky – Based on our experience with the original teaser, we know that the Brain Chase creators enjoy hiding clues wherever they can. Would you be surprised that something is hidden in the trailer as well? Don’t believe me? Pause it at 0:45 to see for yourself.
  2. It’s Global In Scope – This program is not just limited to a single geographical location. From the trailer, it looks like the adventure will take participants to Middle East, a tropical island, a British estate, and several other locations. This is another benefit of Brain Chase – it helps participants explore the world around them.
  3. There Are Multiple Mysteries – True, we are looking for the buried Globe of Magellan, but the trailer indicates that there may be other mysteries to solve as well. For example, what happened to Tate Grayson, the missing explorer? And who is the “mysterious villain” that seems bent on finding the globe first?  Solving these mysteries may help participants find clues about the treasure. Or vice versa…
  4. This Will Be Challenging – At 0:25, Mae Merriweather states, “Adventurers have to stay on their toes.” Finding the treasure will be no simple task. You’ll need to look sharp to find all of the clues – and then you’ll have to put them all together.
  5. It’s For Everyone – Another thing we learn from the trailer is that Brain Chase is designed to appeal to a wide range of people. Max looks to be about 8 years old. Mae is around 15 or 16 and Sean looks about the same. This is really a pretty wide range of people and ages. However, since Brain Chase is using online curriculum like the Khan Academy and myOn, it can accommodate a wide range of students and still keep it personalized for each child. Whichever character you identify with, this Chase has your name written all over it.

If you are on the fence about signing up for Brain Chase, why not try an experiment?  Show your children the trailer tell them about the hidden coupon code. If they can find it after a few viewings, you child may be a top contender for the buried prize.

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