But What About Family Trips and Sleepaway Camps?

We often get asked about how Brain Chase can fit into existing summer plans. Whether you’re traveling overseas, visiting areas without wifi, or sending your kids to an ever-memorable sleepaway camp, Brain Chase is custom-built to fit your¬†sense of adventure.

It’s all based on the model of the program; we incorporate flexibility into every step of the process. The program is five weeks long because Mae Merriweather’s adventures are scheduled to be unlocked once each week after the student has done the five hours of required academic work each week. But those five hours can be done in one day, they can be spread out over the whole week (which we recommend at an hour a day over five days), or a student can skip a week and complete ten hours the next week to unlock two weeks of episodes. And the flexibility continues: if you’re traveling during one of the bonus challenge weeks, all you have to do is let us know your new address and we’ll send the adventure tools you need for bonus challenges there (even if it’s a hotel). If your children are gone at camp, they can easily catch up when they return.

Honestly, it’s as accommodating as it sounds. Some of our participants like to complete all five hours on the first day of each week, others scatter their hours based on their availability, and even others will complete everything during the final week–and that’s okay. And the type of work completed during those times is self-determined as well. A younger participant can earn Khan Academy energy points getting speedy at addition while an older adventurer can review the fractions that seemed daunting during the school year.

The fun and mystery don’t fade over the course of the program–after the completion of each week’s hours, episodes featuring Mae Merriweather and her friends are unlocked and reveal clues which lead to the whereabouts of the mysterious Sunstone of Cortes. These clues are available to anyone in the program no sooner than the completion of each week’s hours, and they remain available until completion of the program. Adventurers will be able to watch the videos over and over again over the course of the five weeks.

The goal, ultimately, is to give your child a fun, feasible, and flexible environment in which learning is the real adventure–all while complementing your idea of a well-planned summer.

Still need motivation to register? Our early bird pricing ends April 30th. Join us on the Chase today!