Adventures in Writing

One of the joys here at Brain Chase headquarters is seeing the weekly journal entries come in from our adventurers around the world. They are full of imagination and energy and goodness. There are so many good ones, we decided to share some of them here with you, our fellow adventurers. Periodically, we will be posting our favorite journal entries. Who knows, yours could be one of them!

By Isabella H., age 12, Chatham, NJ

There was once a girl named Aeliana. She lived in a small tribe called Shesta with her mother and father. Her mother farmed and cooked for the family. She taught Aeliana many things including how to cook, farm and take care of the house while her father was out hunting. But the most important thing her mother taught her was to always be brave and courageous and to help others no matter what the circumstances. “Aeliana, you must always be brave and help others in need, even if it is a risk,” her mother would always tell her. Young Aeliana would always ask, “Do I get a prize for doing this?” “No,” her mother would always reply, “but knowing you did the right thing is its own reward.”

Aeliana never understood this as a young girl, but as she grew older, she began to understand what her mother had said, as she did good deeds to help others. Aeliana’s father was a strong man that would do anything to help his family. He enjoyed playing The Game of the Ball (a game where you try to shoot the ball through the hoop) and was a player of the team. He would hunt every day and dangerously trade with a tribe near by to get goods to support the family. “Aeliana, you must always be strong and honest,” her father would always say. Aeliana would carry this advice wherever she went, and was always kind and generous to others.

One day there was word of a hungry wolf that swept through the town eating whatever was in its path. As a result, the tribe leader called the whole tribe to the tribe square and discussed the issue of the wolf that had killed so many. “The tribe needs a brave volunteer to go and slay the beast. If they slay the beast, and return home, they shall receive praise and fame for the rest of their lives. They will be given the best home in the tribe and will be given food and goods for their entire family,” the tribe leader finished. There was silence in the crowd and no one moved. “I’ll go,” Aeliana forced her legs to step forward. The crowd gasped, for they did not expect a girl to step forward. Her father put his hand on her shoulder, “I can’t let you do this,” he said sternly. “He is right Aeliana,” her mother stepped forward, “you will get yourself killed. We cannot let that happen.”

“Mother, father, I appreciate your concern, but I must save this tribe. It is my duty,” replied Aeliana, “You guys are always telling me to be strong, honest, brave, and help others no matter what. Now I am going to use this advice and save the tribe.” Her mother sighed, “Be safe and strong,” her mother gave her last minute advice. “And remember, we love you no matter what,” her father said his last goodbye. “I love you guys so much too,” Aeliana gave them a big hug and then was taken by the tribe service members to get ready. Aeliana was given a selection of their best weapons to chose from. When Aeliana asked why, the tribe leader told her that he wanted to make sure that she got the weapon she worked best with to slay the beast.

When Aeliana was ready, the tribe leader sent her off to the northern part of the tribe near the woods where the wolf had been attacking people for seven nights in a row. Aeliana reached the northern part of the tribe and waited for nightfall. As she waited she began to think about the wolf and the danger and the fear overtook her. Aeliana almost decided to go back to her parents and the safety to her home, but she remembered her mother’s advice to always help others no matter what. Aeliana could not just let these people keep dying and she understood that it was her duty to save her people. Finally nightfall arrived, she heard the wolf quietly stalking through the woods. When she finally did see it she almost fainted with fear. The wolf’s tiny eyes bore into her hungrily and his strong build and gray, brown, and white fur were hard to see in the snowy surrounding so the wolf had the advantage. After watching the wolf kill small prey near the woods, Aeliana noticed that the wolf dropped its guard. Its only concern while eating was its food. This gave Aeliana an idea. She used the weaving her mother taught her one day to keep the flies out of the house to help her slay the wolf. She wove a net designed to trap the wolf when he was eating. Aeliana took this net and buried it under the snow where it was hard to see. She then made a trail of dead animal meat to lead the wolf strait to the net. A couple hours later, Aeliana saw the wolf getting close to the net. She watched anxiously to see if it would work. The wolf snatched at the food where the net was located, he then stepped exactly in the middle of the net exactly as Aeliana had planned he would. For a second, nothing happened and Aeliana became afraid that it did not work.

Just as she was about to give up hope, the trap made a huge snap and the wolf gave off a howl of fear. Aeliana turned to see the wolf completely enclosed by the net and struggling to break free. Aeliana had to act quickly before the net broke under the wolf’s sharp claws. She immediately drew an arrow from her quiver and pulled back the string. She aimed directly at the wolf’s heart and released the arrow. The arrow made a whistling sound as it flew through the air and planted itself directly in the wolf’s stomach. Aeliana ran to the wolf as it gave one last struggle and scratched her leg. Blood squirted out. OUCH!!! She would have to get that fixed.

The next morning Aeliana returned home with the wolf’s body. “Oh thank the lord,” the tribe leader exclaimed. They got her treated and sent her home to her parents. “Aeliana!” her mother tackled her in a hug, “We were so worried you would never come back to us. “I love you guys so much!” Aeliana was so happy to see them that she was crying. The tribe leader called a meeting to congratulate Aeliana. Her reward was, as promised, her and her family moved into their new house and got endless goods. They gave most of this food to the poor and hungry. Even though Aeliana was now rich, she never stopped being honest, strong, and kind to others. Aeliana never thought of the house and goods as her reward, but as a way to thank her. She knew that her real reward was living the rest of her life knowing that she risked her life to save and help so many others. This was enough of a reward for her and she lived the rest of her life happy. It is said that when she died she was made a constellation for her bravery and service to the tribe. She is still honored today and will stand forever remembered in the night sky.