Adventures in Writing, Part 4

Have you ever imagined what it would be like for a human to be a pet to an alien? Well, Persephone M. age 11 of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has!

Meaka and Deaka alien, as you know I would really like to get a pet human. Although you don’t want me to have one, I have come up with a few reasons why I should have one! If you got me a human, I would take good care of it. Which is actually proven to be true because I took great care of my last pet deabelplook. I would feed it and let it play out in space. It would be my responsibility and no one else’s. The only problem with my deabelplook was that I didn’t prepare a spot in my space ship to put it, but this time I have a good big spot for my human. I have bought toys for it to play with (bouncy balls, squeaky toys etc.),clothes and food so I really am well prepared. I know that our space ship can be really messy and cluttered, so I figured that my human could help clean up and prepare food for us. It would even protect our space ship when we go on the trip to Pluto! Meaka, you should know how I feel. I know that when you were a child, Granddeaka and Grandmeaka didn’t let you have one. You were really sad every time you went to your friends’ houses and saw all of their humans. Well I’m sad too! The last reason is that a human would keep me company! I know you hate it when I want you to play with me constantly. Well I am an *only alien* (*only child) so I have no one to play with and it gets super boring! Therefore, a human would be a really helpful pet to have around the space ship for all of us. I hope you consider this in making your decision!