Five Reasons You Won’t Keep Your Resolutions This Year…Again.

It’s sad but true. Most people set New Year’s Resolutions of some sort. Less than 10% actually keep them. 

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Why is that? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons people fail to stick to their resolutions.

Reason 1: Going it Alone.

It has been proven over and over again that people are more successful at keeping their goals when they are working toward them with the support of and are accountable to someone else.

How to combat reason 1: Tell others about your goals. Find someone who is working towards the same end and encourage each other. Register for a program like Brain Chase that provides intrinsic motivation and accountability for all of your resolutions.


Reason 2: Time Management.

We’re busy people. It’s difficult to squeeze time for self-improvement in the schedule when we can barely keep up as it is.

How to combat reason 2: You have 365 days to complete a New Year’s resolution. Don’t kill yourself trying to get it done in the first week. Brain Chase’s electives break your resolutions into small, 30-minute increments to help you baby step your way towards completing those goals!

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Reason 3: Financial Burden.

It’s expensive to hire a personal trainer to get in shape, a therapist to put your marriage back together, or a financial advisor to help you tighten up on that spending.

How to combat reason 3: You’re going to have to be creative and take time to do some research. There are lots of resources available out there to help you. A resolution program, like Brain Chase’s, is also a great alternative. For a small registration fee, you’ll get advice from experts in fitness, finances, relationships, organization, and so much more.


Reason 4: No Plan. 

It’s easy to know what you want to do, but how to get there is an entirely different challenge.

How to combat reason 4: Talk to someone who’s successfully completed a similar resolution in the past, or seek the advice of a professional. Brain Chase will give you access to experts who can help you achieve your goals on a step-by-step basis, with each step building on the previous week’s accomplishments.


Reason 5: You Focus Only on the Destination and Forget to Appreciate the Journey. 

We want what we want and we want it now. That’s human nature 101. It’s hard to truly enjoy the small steps we are taking towards our ultimate goal.

How to combat reason 5: Record your progress, no matter how small. It’s easy to forget where you started and to fail to realize that you really are improving. Take time to give yourself a pat on the back or reward of some sort for each small accomplishment you achieve. Most resolution programs will have built-in rewards to keep you motivated and excited throughout your journey. With Brain Chase, you’ll unlock new escape rooms as you go, each containing clues to the location of a missing artifact. Be the first to find it, and win $100 cash.


No matter your goals this year, we hope you are successful and wish you a safe and happy 2017!

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