How do I find specific titles in Google Books?

Google Books is a rich online library of public domain literature. We’ve recommended dozens of titles for each age group (and we’re hoping to hear back with user recommendations as well!), but you’re also free to use the search bar to search for other titles. Here you’ll find unabridged timeless classics including Anne of Green Gables, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Secret Garden, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Romeo & Juliet, and thousands of others.

Two things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Please note that Google Books is NOT the same library as Google Play. Google Play is different service that allows you to pay to download more contemporary titles. Due to complicated publisher licensing agreements, Google currently restricts Google Play titles from integrating into programs like Brain Chase.
  2. You’ll want to avoid “preview” versions of books (unless you’re a fan of unresolved cliffhangers).

Click here for more information about using Google Books with Brain Chase.

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