When will my student receive packages in the mail?

Three “Adventure Tools” are shipped to students who register for the “Explorer” or Adventurer” packages. The tools are also available for purchase in the Brain Chase Shop. If you don’t opt to receive the physical tools, virtual solutions will still be provided for you – and you WILL NOT be at a disadvantage in the treasure hunt.

If you’ve opted to receive the Adventure Tools but haven’t seen them yet, please make sure that we have your student’s correct mailing address. You can update this information on your Parent or Guide dashboard. If we have your address, chances are your package is already in the mail. We generally use the USPS, so please be patient (and please allow more time for international shipping).

We mail your student three different packages during the course of each program. These packages relate directly to different Bonus Challenges, and are timed so as to arrive with different weeks.

If you do not receive a package in time for the bonus challenge, don’t worry; we always provide digital alternatives in the event that a package is delayed. And a delay in receiving a package or adventure tool will IN NO WAY impact your ability to locate the treasure.

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