Testimonial 10

“We love Brain Chase! The treasure hunt was a total blast for my 12 year-old (and the rest of us, too). The clues are hard but not impossible, so it keeps kids’ interest. The coursework provided a great way to continue to make progress in Spanish, try some new recipes, and dig deeper into coding […]

Testimonial 9

“Worth EVERY penny!!! We’ve done two sessions due to Quarantine and I can’t speak highly enough about Brain Chase. My kids are 6 & 11 so they need things that won’t leave one bored or frustrated cause they don’t understand. Brain Chase made it easy to pick electives that had them engage and at their […]

Testimonial 8

“We just completed our first Brain Chase. My 9yo and 11yo boys said they would give it more than 5 stars (out of 5) if they could…”

Testimonial 7

“My two kids have had an excellent experience with Brain Chase. The weekly activities, the clue videos, the teacher feedback have all been awesome. The weekly transitions have been seamless, highly recommended.”

Testimonial 6

“First time registrants here and this is a quarantine miracle. Our 10 year-olds would have been searching nonsense videos and fighting all day if it weren’t for this. The art and photography electives are so much fun. They look forward to unlocking EVERY video and looking for clues. I had to do zero planning for […]

Testimonial 5

“If you had Brain Chase for adults… I would never sleep. So, PLEASE… do not make Brain Chase for adults! Our 4 year old watched all of the videos and read along with ALL of the books that his older brothers were watching and reading. He would really enjoy having something of his own to […]

Testimonial 4

“Brain Chase truly was what we needed this summer, in so many ways. I just want to personally thank you for putting this together. Though our children did not find the treasure, we know that the knowledge gained was worth so much more. We look forward to seeing what you come up with for next […]

Testimonial 3

“I am a teacher, and have always searched for a way to make summer learning fun and engaging for my children. It was easy when they were young, and we could simply color and count things that we encountered through our day. But as they grew older, it was harder and harder to keep them […]

Testimonial 2

“We are loving brain chase and my sister’s kids are too. so impressed! my son loves to check how many points he is earning and how close he is to getting a check on his dashboard to show that he has completed his reading, writing, and math missions. the bonus decoding last week was awesome […]

Testimonial 1

“Our kids love it. Can’t get enough of it. Your nefarious plan to trick kids into doing school work over the summer is working to perfection!”