Want To Be Part Of An Adventure?

If you grew up during the 1980s or 1990s, you may remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. The books were slightly different than normal children’s book because they were written in the second person and allowed the reader to assume the role of protagonist. In this format, the reader had the ability to make choices that would determine the main character’s actions and, ultimately, the plot’s outcome.

Brain Chase is a kids summer course, part learning, part adventure

The Choose Your Own Adventure books help me feel like I was in control!
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As a child, I always loved the Choose Your Own Adventure book series for two reasons. First, I liked the allure of adventure that could be found within the pages. Titles like Secrets of the Pyramids and Search for the Mountain Gorillas held the promise of quests, daring actions, and dangerous exploits.

The other reason I liked the series is because I enjoyed the allusion that I was in control and could determine the outcome of a story. The unique format helped me lose myself in the store and really think about what actions I would take if the adventure was real.

These books were just the beginning for a lifelong quest to find adventure. As I grew older and joined the Boy Scouts, I started having my own real adventures. Our adventures included spending a week backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains and paddling war canoes off of Catalina Island while we explored a cave that supposedly was used by pirates to hide buried treasure.

I still long for adventure, but, as a father of three kids, my focus now is helping my children discover the joys of adventure for themselves. Research shows that children need a little adventure in their life in order to grow and develop. Kids that are allowed to experience risk, even in a controlled and safe way, develop important qualities like decisions making, risk analysis, and self-confidence.

The Brain Chase program is a kids summer course designed to allow participants to be a part of an adventure. Part of what makes the online program compelling is the hidden globe and the global treasure hunt. Kids will feel the rush of excitement every time they solve a puzzle, break a code, or discover another clue. They will discover their own sense of adventure.

Kids summer courses should be fun and include decoder rings.

This decoder ring will be given to kids as part of the program and will help the adventure come alive!

With Brain Chase, there is a real possibility that this online adventure will turn into a real adventure since the person that identifies the location of the hidden globe will be awarded a free trip to go and unearth it. And, since a parent gets to go with them, you could be a a part of the story.

The chase begins on June 30th. Join us in the adventure.


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