5 Summer Learning Advantages of Brain Chase

The Brain Chase online summer learning program officially kicks off at 9:00 am Eastern on Monday June 30th. At that time, the first animated webisode will be released allowing participants to learn more about Mae Merriweather, Tate Grayson, and the Globe of Magellan. If you are still on the fence about signing up, here are some things you might want to consider to help make your decision:

  • Flexible – The Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenge is an online educational summer program. This is significant because it means that kids can participate anywhere an internet connection is available including at home, hotels, and even at McDonald’s. Are you taking a road trip this summer? Why not turn your smartphone into a hotspot and let your kids complete their Brain Chase activities while on the road. It is a better alternative than playing 30 rounds of iSpy.

    Brain Chase is the ideal educational summer program

    Brain Chase is so flexible, assignments can be completed even while on the road.
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  • Consistent – Every summer, my mother attempted to implement a “summer school” program for continual learning. Although the intentions were good, it usually didn’t last more than a few weeks. Another advantage offered by Brain Chase is consistent summer learning that you don’t have to plan or worry about. Kids log in for 1 hour of school practice a day Monday through Friday. Participants could also put in 5 hours of math practice one day and 3 hours of reading the next. Regardless of how they are done, the hours have to be consistently performed in order to unlock the next episode.
  • Familiar Learning Method – More schools are moving to incorporate computer learning into the curriculum. Most kids have already logged screen time at school reading digital books or participating in some kind of online learning. The online nature of Brain Chase is a format that they will find familiar.
  • Measurable Progress – A professor once told me that “we always perform as to how we are measured.” When we begin to measure something, we immediately want to improve our results. Measurement is always a great motivator, especially for kids. Kids will see their “energy points” for Khan’s math work and be able to track their reading progress on myON. They’ll also always know where they are on the Brain Chase dashboard – a Candyland-like map that leads right through the six-week challenge. Brain Chase gives parents and kids a quantifiable way to see summer achievement.
  • Treasure Hunt – Although parents will find the online learning important, kids will continue to complete the lessons because they want to be part of the adventure. Somewhere in the world is a real buried treasure!  The kid that can follow the clues and be the first to pinpoint the treasure’s location will earn a free trip to go unearth it with a parent! In addition, they will also win a $10,000 scholarship. Kids will conclude that the treasure is a prize worth doing homework to find.
Brain Chase is the online educational summer program with a buried treasure

The parents may like the summer learning, but the kids will keep coming back to be part of the adventure.


It is not too late to join the Chase! Brain Chase is was designed by parents and educators to help kids advance their learning over the summer in a fun and engaging way. Register your child today.


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