How Does Brain Chase Track Students’ Work?

Dashboard2015Brain Chase offers summer adventurers “personalized learning” opportunities through some of the best online learning curriculum providers on the web. But what exactly does that mean? First of all, it’s important to understand that Brain Chase is not a curriculum creator. We have not written curricula for various grades or age groups. We’ve simply partnered with Khan Academy, myON and Rosetta Stone to bring you all-inclusive access to these best-of-class providers for the duration of our 5-week online learning challenge. What Brain Chase does is track the time and effort kids spend on these partner sites. When a student has spent the required time on a partner site, the Brain Chase student dashboard records that time and unlocks the next webisode when the required time has been met.

To get a better idea of how Brain Chase motivates summer online learning and records students’ efforts, take a tour of our student dashboard. This series of tutorial videos shows how our student dashboard links to partner sites and keeps track of the student’s work. (Note that the Languages module with Rosetta Stone is not represented here.) You’ll notice that Brain Chase doesn’t determine what level of work the student must do on these partner sites. Each student does the level of work he or she is comfortable with. So if a student wants to review last year’s math skills, she can select activities on Khan Academy that review her last school grade’s work. Or if a student wants to move ahead, he can select a more advanced grade level.