Adventures in Writing, Part 2

This is another one of the exceptional writing samples we’ve received recently. Great job Ellie!

By Ellie Coleman, age 12, Midland, MI

Dear Principal Jones, Everybody has been buzzing about the cafeteria workers having super powers. I know you have already said the cafeteria workers are normal people, but I have proof they are so much more. Yesterday the bread was burning in the kitchen, and Miss Helen flew over to the toaster to get it out. I saw it with my own two eyes. Last week Miss Tatum told you she didn’t want a new microwave, and I just had to wonder why. The microwave is literally falling apart. Later that day, I saw her heat my food up with laser vision. All of my friends have been telling me about their experiences with the lunch ladies too. Consider the facts Mr. Jones. We have one week left in the school year, and not one lunch tray has been dropped. Statistically, there are about 100 lunch trays dropped every year at each school. I see accidents waiting to happen all the time in the lunch room, but somehow they never happen. The last point I would like to make is that Miss Helen and Miss Tatum are far too nice to be normal lunch ladies. All the other lunch ladies I have met are quiet and are always grumpy. Ours aren’t like that. They make conversation, and they don’t force us to eat fruits or vegetables. You have to believe me when I say these ladies are two of the best people I have met, and they are superheroes. From Your Student, Ellie Coleman