Summer 2016 Adventure Announced!


Introducing the Mask of Tomoe Gozen

Summer 2014 introduced adventurers to Magellan… Summer 2015 brought Cortés… Now, for the Brain Chase Summer 2016, adventurers will learn about Japanese female samurai warrior Tomoe Gozen as the Grayson Academy of Antiquities’ team looks for her valuable lost mask! A perfect backdrop for a summer adventure!

Learn more about this historical legend here.

Brain Chase is an online learning adventure that offers all-access passes to curated online curriculum providers for a single fee. The Summer 2016 semester will be open to students in grades 2 – 8, will kick off in late June 2016, and will run for 5 weeks. Students will be able to choose 3 electives from the following selection to work on through their personalized Student Dashboard:

  • Reading (Google Books, myON or manual input)LogoCollage
  • Math (Khan Academy)
  • Writing (with Brain Chase teachers)
  • Foreign Language (Rosetta Stone)
  • Engineering (The Leonardo)
  • Art (with Brain Chase teachers)
  • Plus more electives TBA

In addition, adventurers will be required to complete one Bonus Challenge each week, resulting in a cumulative amount of about 5 hours of work a week. Completed work unlocks animated episodes of an original adventure series in which kid archaeologists from the Grayson Academy of Antiquities search for a lost buried treasure. Clues in the animations lead to the location of a real-life buried treasure buried somewhere on planet Earth, and the first individual or team to pinpoint the location of the treasure on a Google Map by deciphering the clues will receive a $20,000 travel stipend to go dig it up!

Register for Summer 2016 here for a limited time offer of $129, or bundle it with a Stocking Stuffer Decoder Kit for $149.