Budget-friendly Options to Keep Your Child Learning this Summer

Summer Camps. It’s that time of year. It seems like everyone is talking about this camp and that camp and which camp your kid should attend and which to avoid and…You know what we’re talking about.

Sure, summer camps are great, but they’re definitely not for everyone. For many people, the primary barrier to a traditional camp is the cost. How many of us really have $500 laying around to put towards one week of horseback riding lessons, or $400 summer campfor a week of gymnastics? That’s the cost for just one kid. Those of us with many kids (like me…I have five kids…on purpose), know what it’s like to get all excited because “This summer is the one! I am going to put my kids in a real camp!” only to actually crunch the numbers and realize you’d have to skip a mortgage payment to do it.

Brain Chase gets it. Hey, we were founded by Allan and Heather Staker, a husband and wife duo who, like me, have five kids (yes, on purpose). Even though we are a young company and our start-up costs are very high, we’ve tried to make Brain Chase as affordable as possible to as many as possible.

For example, last year’s tuition for our summer treasure hunt was $99/student. Let’s do some math: $99 for a 6-week program equals a $16.50-per-week price tag. I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure $16.50no shortcut to adventure per week beats out that horseback riding camp’s price.

If you can’t afford the $99/child option, you’re not totally out of luck. We ALWAYS offer early registration pricing until about six weeks out from the start of our upcoming treasure hunt. We also offer group discounts for groups as small as five students, so round up a few of your friends’ kids and sign up together.

And, if that STILL doesn’t work for you, you’ve got other options. Several online learning companies are ready to help you with your child’s education, free of charge. Some of our favorites are:


Khan Academy

Google Books



And, of course, when all else fails, there’s the head-on-over-to-the-public-library option, a time-proven classic.

In today’s day and age, your options really are limitless and customizable. So, if a traditional summer camp is your thing, go for it. But, we think you’ll love Brain Chase as a very cost-effective and exciting alternative.

Want to know more? Visit or email us at Better yet, register here. The adventure awaits!


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