Behind-the-scenes of Salt Lake City’s Library Challenge

Our second library challenge was a success. Congrats to the Crosby family of SLC for being the first to claim the key and win the $1000!

it's money with a blue thing around it

Two down. Two to go. Last week’s challenge in Dallas had you all solving a maze then superimposing it on a map to locate the correct library. Congrats to the Kitners for figuring that one out.


This week’s challenge in Salt Lake City was a completely different riddle. You were given the following clue:

A Japanese-Inspired Puzzle For a Few Salt Lake City Swashbucklers:

SLC Puzzle 2016

Here’s the solution:

Book: Three Musketeers

Author: Deborah Felder

Library: 2197 Ft. Union Blvd. Salt Lake City, UT 84121 (801) 943-4636

A Japanese-Inspired Puzzle

In this clue, “Japanese-inspired” instructs you NOT to solve the Sudoku puzzle, but to read the numbers presented as you would in traditional Japanese script: column-by-column, top to bottom, RIGHT to LEFT. The Sudoku puzzle itself was simply a red herring.

Read in the correct order, the numbers are: 2197841419434636341143, which should be grouped as follows:

1. 2197 – library’s street address

2. 84121 – library’s zip code

3. 943-4636 – library’s phone number

4. 341143 – read as “Three for one, one for three,” which is a variation on the famous quote from The Three Musketeers: “All for one, one for all.” The use of the number three was used to direct you to The Three Musketeers.

 “For a Few Salt Lake City Swashbucklers

“Swashbucklers” was a second clue to lead to The Three Musketeers, in case the 341,143 clue was overlooked.


Daniel Crosby, of Salt Lake City was the first to solve the riddle. The Crosby family are long-time Brain Chase fans and were IMG_0278thrilled to win the $1000. The family says they picked out the zip code quickly, then noticed the 341,143 pattern and identified the quote from The Three Musketeers. They went ahead and solved the Sudoku puzzle, just to make sure they weren’t missing anything. When they were sure they had all the needed information, they headed to the library and discovered the key.

The story gets better. Sixteen-year-old Rebecca of Mapleton, UT, also solved the riddle and wanted an excuse to practice her driving skills. She decided to head to Salt Lake City to claim the key. She arrived with mom, Roselle, in tow only to discover Daniel has claimed the key just moments earlier.

The Crosby family didn’t make Rebecca leave empty-handed. A second (lesser-known) prize in our Library Challenges is one free registration for our online summer program. The Crosbys have decided to gift Rebecca that registration as a consolation prize for her efforts. We LOVE to hear stories like this. Thank you, Crosby family, for paying it forward.

Brain Chase adventurers are simply the best. Thank you to all who have participated so far in our Library Challenges. We will announce our next city tomorrow, Thursday, June 2! Watch our website for the announcement and check back at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 7 for the riddle.

Interested in hunting for a real treasure? This summer’s hunt, the Hunt for the Mask of Tomoe Gozen, begins June 20. Register your child here. The adventure awaits!