Online Summer Camps. They’re a Thing.

Keep your child learning, busy, and entertained this summer with Brain Chase!

A new revolution in summer camps has arrived (drumroll please…): Online Summer Camps (a.k.a Virtual Summer Camps)!  These are not the traditional, pay-hundreds-of-dollars-to-keep-your-kid-entertained-for-a-week camps. Online summer camps are quickly becoming a popular and MUCH more cost effective way to keep your kids entertained and learning throughout the summer. Check out this article from the Huffington Post, to learn more.


Why the rise in popularity? Online Summer Camps offer many advantages:

  • They are generally, MUCH more affordable than traditional summer camps. For example, you can register for Brain Chase’s six-week summer program for as little as $79. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the $350 you’d pay to send your child to a one-week dance camp.
  • Online camps are super flexible. If you’re booked up one day and can’t participate, you can easily make up the missed material another day. And, you can participate at any time of day.
  • Online camps travel with you. Want to take a mid-summer vacation? No problem. As long as you have a WIFI connection, you can participate in online summer camps anywhere in the world.

Brain Chase is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. We offer much more than your average online learning company:Brainchase-New Orleans-4011

  • We have partnered with some of the top names in education: Rosetta Stone, Leo Labs, Edible Education, Khan Academy, and others to provide your child a top-notch and entertaining education during the summer.
  • Our award-winning curriculum is COMPLETELY customizable to your child’s education level. So, 2nd graders and 8th graders alike will find our curriculum challenging and enjoyable.
  • We’ve integrated a REAL-LIFE TREASURE HUNT into our program. As your child completes weekly tasks, he will unlock clues leading him to a specific location in the world where we’ve buried a real treasure. The first child to locate the treasure wins an all-expense paid trip to that location to dig it up. Previous Brain Chase winners have traveled to Japan, Mt. Fuji, and Spain. Our Brain Chase winner also receives a $10,000 scholarship.

Our next hunt, The Search for the Mask of Tomoe Gozen, starts June 20! Register today and take your child on a real-life learning adventure!

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