Five Great Stories to Bring Out the Adventurer in Your Daughter

Children often learn from and become like the characters they read about. So often our daughters see young women represented as princesses or ballerinas. They read stories that encourage a love of dance and fairy tales, but what can we do when our daughters want something more? What stories can we tell our little girls when they would rather explore than dress up?


 Don’t worry! We’ve done the leg work, and here are five great stories to encourage the adventurer in your daughter.


From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg

 Adventure, intrigue, and a mysterious statue – this book is a must-read for any youngster with a healthy sense of adventure and curiosity. After all, what kid wouldn’t want stay overnight in a museum?From the mixed up files

The story follows the mischievous, curious and resourceful Claudia Kincaid who runs away to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, but this is only the beginning of her adventure…

Claudia is an incredibly smart female protagonist who isn’t afraid to go her own way. As a bonus, this book features the names of many great artists and works that can provide a solid entry point into learning about classical art for anyone with a creative streak.


Kiki’s Delivery Service

If you have never seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a Japanese animated film (dubbed in English, don’t worry – we won’t require subtitles just yet) that follows Kiki – a young girl who must strike out on her own for the first time. She must be resourceful, imaginative, and tenacious in order to make her own way, and she quickly learns the importance of never ever giving up.

This movie is great for any young girl teetering on the edge of adolescence and can help them explore the ideas of independence, vulnerability, and the imminent transition to adulthood.


Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare by Tina Schwager

gutsy girlsThis collection about real-life heroines is a great way to sneak a little non-fiction into your daughter’s library. She’ll meet everyone from mountain climbers to fossil hunters and will learn how these amazing women followed their dreams. The book also features a second section, “How to be Gutsy Yourself,” that encourages the reader to dream big and set goals to get started.

While aimed toward Grades 7 and up, this book has a simple style that is accessible to elementary ages and is great if you have a reluctant reader.


The Vesper Holly Series by Lloyd Alexander

If Indiana Jones and Nancy Drew were fused into one, the result would be Vesper Holly.

The orphan daughter of a missing archeologist, Vesper Holly is bold, vivacious, and always on the lookout for an adventure. A little bit of advice: start with The Illyrian Adventure. We promise, it won’t take long for your daughter to devour the story and move onto the next five.


Brain Chase

Real. Buried. Treasure. How many online games can boast that prize?meet mae

Brain Chase is an online learning program targeted at all students in grades 2 – 8. Here’s how it works: your child registers for an adventure, which includes animated webisodes and short academic challenges. Each video includes hidden clues which point to the location of a real life buried treasure your child could uncover!

The adventure stars Mae Merriweather and her team of treasure hunters. Mae is intelligent, perceptive and the consummate leader – the perfect role model for your adventurer-in-the-making. As a bonus, Brain Chase is designed for all students (not just girls), so your sons will want to get in on the fun, too!

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