Which Electives are Best for My Child?


It’s time to start our summer program, The Hunt for the Mask of Tomoe Gozen! Many of you are still trying to decide which electives would be best for your child.


Here’s our advice:

Do you worry about summer learning loss? If you’re concerned your child will get behind this summer, you should sign up for electives that stick with core topics like, math, reading, and creative writing. These electives are designed to keep your child IMG_1122progressing so that they go back to school in the fall ready to tackle new material!

Is your child struggling in a certain area? If that area is math, for example, select our Khan Academy Math Challenge, but start your child at a level will allow them to thrive. Once they’ve built some momentum and confidence, you can move them forward and help them get to the point you think they should be. This applies for all of our electives.

Does your child just need something to do this summer? If you’re not concerned about your child’s academic situation right now, but just want to give them something fun and exciting to do this summer, go with our electives that provide a nice supplemental education like cooking, engineering, yoga, or book club.Kids2015.9

Will your child need to be able to do the work with little or no supervision?  You should pick electives that can be completed with minimal help from parents. These include: typing, math, reading, and foreign language.

Are you on a tight budget? We try to keep our costs down for all of our families, but some of our electives, like engineering, art, and cooking do require you to purchase additional supplies. If you’re not in a position to purchase these supplies, go with our other electives.

If you have questions about any of our electives, visit our webpage or email

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